Oaks and Pines invites you !

If you are a creative and imaginative writer with a taste
for spanking and schoolgirls stories we want you, and you will want to play Oaks and Pines.

At Oaks and Pines you create the schoolgirl character of your choosing. You give her a name, a picture, a family background, and explain why she is sent to a boarding school with traditional discipline. You become part of a world and a story that has grown rich in traditions and details over the years.

The girls and teachers come alive in the posts we write daily or every other day. We join other students in pranks and naughty capers, getting away with some, getting caught and punished for others. We attend "live" online classes and sometimes find ourselves spanked in front of the whole classroom.
Oaks and Pines is about living your dream with friends in a lively email-based role-play game. As you read and write, you will soon inhabit this amazing world in a way that will feel as real as any great book or movie that you ever wanted to be a part of.
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where you will discover more about our game...
Adults only

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