Easy how to IRC and Mibbit

Oaks and Pines is using IRC for all classes and “study scenes”. IRC is a network of servers used for online chat. 
We are on the server Newnet, the room would be #Tanakastudy for a meeting with our Principal.
If you are not familiar with IRC, the easiest way to access it is a web-based client like Mibbit, as it requires no download or setup and it is free.
On the mibbit page, click "Launch Mibbit Client". Open the dropdown menu under connect and search for "Newnet". 
If it's not there, click "server" and enter "irc.newnet.net", then enter your nickname and the Channel #Tanakastudy and click "connect". The chatroom will open into another tab. 
A naughty girl awaits the Principal

We used to have a great Yahoo Group, and a few days ago Yahoo deleted all the groups...
You are invited to play with us !

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