Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sports come back part 3

Mr Calvert was finally retired and he could observe at leisure the girls struggling to climb his hilly street. They had to stand on the pedals of their bikes to reach the top. There was the young ladies with light flowery dresses billowing in the breeze. He also appreciated the girls of Westgate Secondary with their uniform kilts, and lately the same Westgate had opened its renovated sports facility to young ladies in need of exercise..

A week ago he spotted his first sporty young lady. She was wearing short gym shorts and her generous under curves and thighs were well reddened. The rumors of Miss Millicent encouraging them in the old fashion way were confirmed.

This Saturday late afternoon he was at his observation post, and there was two girls wearing short shorts. As they approached he saw their reddened front thighs. He recognized the one he saw a week ago. The new one stepped down from her bike. They both pushed them for the last two hundred yards of the steep street. Their shorts did a poor job of covering their crimson derrieres, and the back of their thighs had also tasted the belt.

He took his binoculars for a closer look. They must have reflected the sun. They spotted him and called out, "Pervert !" They hurried back on their bikes and disappeared. He was furious, such insolence ! I will have a word with their coach.

Harry the hulk couldn't help a wide grin when he saw that Chrissy had received a belting. She hissed, "Get the cream and give me a rub instead of smiling like a big chump !" I wasn't invited ! I dumped the last bucket of ice cream into the loo, and I had a long soak with Epsom salts. The salts weren't actually required, the belting weren't that bruising. Even Adriana's caned bum had recovered its peachy condition by the next session.

Next Saturday I finally got only one belt smack across my thighs, I had lost a further two pounds ! I still got a well reddened bottom for my remaining extra pounds. I had again registered for the whole day. Morning was about pool lengths. We were issued one piece swimsuits, they weren't too covering ! I discovered how stingy a spanking on a wet bottom could be. I had upset Miss Assistant Coach.

We changed back into our shorts and T.shirts for lunch at the school's cafeteria deserted by its usual pupils. None of us dared to take seconds !

After lunch we were told to gather into one of the empty classroom for a lesson about nutrition. An alarmed Chrissy whispered into my ear, "That pervert has just entered Miss Millicent's office !"

Fifteen minutes later Miss Millicent Fritton entered the classroom with a double strap and ordered, "Janet and Chrissy, I was told of your rude behavior. I am going to teach you to be more respectful of your elders. Come in front of the class and take your shorts and knickers down to your knees..."

With our hands on our knees we stood side by side exposing our bare butts to our classmates. Our previous bare bottom punishments were in the privacy of Miss Millicent's office. When her assistant disciplined us she never bared us. She only pulled our shorts or swimsuits into our crack. 

We blushed to our ears, we tried to close our legs, but we almost lost our balance. We guessed that we would get extra if we did. Miss Millicent performed, she alternated from one to the other. We got 6 licks across our nates and one atop our thighs. That strap stung at least a million times more than the belt ! 
"Your noses on the blackboard and take two steps back. I want you bottoms sticking out !" We gasped, and our apricots also gasped, we were showing it all. We felt our ears blushing. Our derrieres and thighs were fiercely throbbing.
Ten minutes later we were allowed to pull our knickers and shorts up. We could feel our blazing bottom jutting out of our shorts. We returned to our desks and sat very carefully. The cool wooden seat was first a blessing, then it became very hard, and we squirmed...

We of course had to wear our shorts as we returned home. I could have tried to take that hill without stepping down from my bike, but Chrissy couldn't. I didn't leave her behind. We spotted the sun's reflection into the binocular of our perv. We were thankful to Miss Millicent hadn't allowed him to witness our punishment...

Chrissy's hulk was waiting for her with cream. I became jealous ! I continued riding till the old bike shop. I few months ago I bought a pannier for my bike. I discovered the new owner, and remembered that he was dishy. I was quite shy to enter his workshop with my shorty gym shorts and my well smacked derriere and thighs, but I was too jealous of Chrissy and Harry. "You can't have an omelette without breaking the eggs..." 

Discreetly and with a few tissues to keep my fingers clean I pulled my bike's chain out off its gears. Then I pushed it till the shop. I took a deep breath and bravely entered the workshop. "Good afternoon Sir, please I need help, there's something wrong with my bike..." He looked me up and down and smiled. He was obviously seduced. He needed a few seconds to take his eyes off the vivid belt mark decorating the front of my thighs. I again mused, '...break a few more eggs !' 

I turned around and with legs straight I reached down for the pedal and tried to work it, "Its stuck !" This time he saw that I was well punished, and I deeply blushed. He pulled my bike up onto his work bench. 

It wasn't a question, "You are attending the Westgate adult sports program..." I blushed the more and nodded. " sister has joined, but she opted out of the discipline program..." 

I blurted out, "A chicken !" For a millisecond I had my hand in front of my mouth after having said that. "I am sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect !" He smiled, "Yes, she has explained how those who opted out are called chickens..."

He had repaired my bike and I asked, "How much do I owe you ?" His blue eyes sparkled, "Dinner with me tonight..."

"With pleasure..."


To be continued

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