Wednesday, March 25, 2020


You are invited to play with us !


  1. Ouchieeeees to botties, B. Back at ya! :-)

    Oh my! What an unbearable, stingy selection, thank you kindly, Brigitte.

    My princess diary..
    Again, I remember these original, lovely Thorn drawings (& Thorn-style others) with scary excitement the first time around at inception. I was compelled to discover them as a student, then working girl in Atlanta's stores, 1970s & early 1980s. The Eilean Beithe drawings were contemporary too, already, I recall.

    They viscerally transported me back to my earlier years at home, growing up in the 1960s. If naughty, I naturally first endured picture one, OTK & bare of my fairest-white backside. And then sadly, I soon graduated as a young, naughty lil' girl, to picture two: cane to bare botty :-(

    Oh my! Sure made me wail, scream & squawk!
    Harsh but fair. And normal. And sure licked me into shape though, over my precocious princess years.

    The saying "spare the rod, spoil the child" was quoted by someone somewhere every week, if not every day. No surprise in 1960s Georgia, B. My strict, religious mother routinely said it, the other moms said it. The neighbours said it. The Church ministers said it. Y'all said it !! So far so normal.

    Moreover, our mom specifically said another Christian belief: " hands are for loving, the rod is for whooping". So mom (unfortunately!) gotten herself a proper "rod of correction": a nasty, dreaded, thin, rattan cane AKA the switch, AKA the hornets nest. Kept in the downstairs cupboard for our tender, unclothed bums.

    And so lil' sis and me gotten it on our bare botties a bunch over the years, in the living room. That was the punishment. No time-outs required. No snowflakes yet invented! It was normal, Brigitte.

    Picture 3. Yes, Oh my! A Spring breeze in the Atlanta parks. Pretty Southern belle dresses & 1950s, cotton, white knickers belie a well-smacked bottom !

    Hugs & a bunch of nasty, sore smackabotties with that rattan "rod", B!
    Brenda xx

  2. Lovely comments, thanks :)
    Please explain "No snowflakes yet invented!"

  3. Hi dear B, Snowflakes are interesting & funny, in principle & practice. Not many Snowflakes in Georgia State. Not now & certainly none in the 1960s.

    And none on this blog (unless I have not paid due attention).
    Oaks & Pines school is a good place to send exasperating Snowflakes, already :-) The fees are justified, B.

    Lots of wider definitions of Snowflakes online, and more narrow perspectives too. I think the term gotten "invented" late 1990s but only really used since 2016.

    For the purposes of your super, lush, strict & earnest curriculum & Blog; I must assume that Snowflakes are naughty lil' princess brats who gotten scolded & sent to the naughty step rather than have their panties pulled down for the smack of the cane or martinet upon their bare, tender botties, in the appropriate tradition of yore. So you and I are not snowflakes, Brigitte :-)

    Why, I'm no real global authority on Snowflakes B, not since my mother first said "Your bare backside needs a switching, Brenda", in the early 1960s. I was doomed for eternity.
    Brenda xx