Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sports come back part 2

As told I rode my bike back home wearing my gym shorts. Quite a few villagers saw my belted thighs and glowing under-curves when I had to stand on the pedals to climb the hilly street before reaching home.

I sighed when I saw my new neighbors. He was a hulk... I dreamed till Chrissy chimed. "You've joined the Westgate Girls adult gym..." I nodded.

"It's said that you don't have to join the... the... the..."

She was blushing and couldn't take her eyes off the belt marks on the front of my thighs... 

I finished her sentence, "... to join the discipline program..."

She nodded and I added. "Yes, you don't have to... Miss Millicent will call you Chicken 6 as there's already 5 girls who have opted out of her discipline program... "Her girls" she calls by their first name..."

Harry the hulk laughed, "A few good belting would for sure help you shed a few pounds... You haven't touched the rower in months..."

For the whole week I was a good girl. I cut down on the ice cream and took the exercise mat out from under my bed, cleaned the dust bunnies it had gathered, and I exercised every other days.

Saturday morning I weight myself and I had lost two pounds. I still had 10 pounds to shed. I sighed, "Janet my girl you are going to be belted and it will be well deserved. You should have further cut down on the ice cream and exercised every days !"

I decided to attend Miss Millicent's full day program. Dressed with my favorite cropped trousers and a windbreaker over a T.shirt I pushed my bike out of the garage. I was quite surprised to find Chrissy waiting for me. She was dressed with knee length jeans shorts and a cardigan over a T.shirt. I noticed that she had the same Westgate Girls Secondary School backpack in her pannier. I teased her, "To be a Chicken or not to be a Chicken ?"

"I haven't decided !"

At Westgate those already registered went straight to the locker-room and change into their gym uniforms. The tall mirrors showed that marks from last week's belting had disappeared. Miss Assistant Coach weight us. "Janet, 10 extra pounds, you've lost 2 pounds, a pink punishment slip for you..." We soon understood that one got a red slip if having gained weight, or pink if having shed a few pounds, yellow if only a couple of pounds above the desired target, and green for success !

With a pink slip I lined up with the wouldbies by Miss Millicent's office. Those wouldbies had wide eyes for our short shorts although their had the same in their backpack.

A new girl had exchanged her jeans for her gym shorts, and they were quite short, she obviously had a few extra pounds. When she turned around to close the door of the office we saw that her bottom was peachy pale. She had chickened out of the discipline program. Most of the girls with punishment slips made chicken noises, and she blushed as she ran towards the gym.

"Next !"
Chrissy was next.

Telepathy had me "witness" her interview. "Dear Chrissy welcome back and congratulations for your wedding !"

"Thank you Miss."
"You have a few extra pounds to shed !"

"Yes Miss, 14..."

"Has your husband approved your joining the Westgate adult gym ?"

"Yes Miss..."

"And ?"

"He said that a few good belting would for sure help me shed a few pounds..."

"And what have you decided ?"

"I kinda agree..."

"You don't "kinda agree" ! You tell me that you want to join the discipline program and should be punished as required, say it loud and clear !"

With a blush she said it ! "I want to join the discipline program and should be punished as required..."

"Take off your jeans and knickers ! 14 strokes of the belt on your bare bottom, two lashes to your tights per set of 6, one in front and one in the back. You will wear your shorts while riding back home..."

When Chrissy stepped out of Miss Millicent's office she was red face as all the punished girls. She turned around to close the door, with her extra weight, her shorts barely covered her crimson derriere. She had received a good belting...
I was next.

"Two pound less in a week... Not bad, but I expected more of our ex star pupil... Lower your shorts and knickers !"

She didn't let me off the second set of lashes across my thighs. I was well punished, and as I was saying this morning, it was well deserved. I was shamed face when I stepped out of her office, and everyone saw my glowing bottom revealed by my skimpy shorts when I turned around to close the door.

Next was Adriana, the only girl to have been issued a red slip. A few "Ohs!" were heard when she stepped out of Miss Millicent's office. She was naked from her belly button to her ankle socks. When she turned around to close the door we saw that she had received the cane. 6 fiery stripes was decorating her bottom plus two across her thighs. She took a few steps to stand in front of the corridor's wall with her hands on her head. Everyone now knew the price of a red punishment slip...

"Next !"

I ran to the gym and reported to Miss Assistant Coach. "Only morning class Janet ?"

"I'll be attending the whole day Miss..."

She gave me ticket for lunch at the cafeteria...

I joined Chrissy, on the way to the treadmill. "Bravo ! You aren't a chicken !"

"Phew ! She sure knows how to give a girl a good hiding !"

With Adriana's caned bum in mind, we ran as Olympians on our treadmills !

Or else !

Janet and Chrissy
to be continued


  1. Great photo, The Unbearable Stinging Bottom. Love the hands on head (most visceral) & dazzling-white ankle socks & fairy-soft, movable panties, Brigitte, Oh my!

    Welcome to EBBS, the Eilean Beithe Botty Smacker, aka the Lochgelly Tawse !
    And not forgetting the OPLM, already - the Oaks and Pines Le Martinet :-)

    "Yes, young ladies. You told lies you gotten whoopings!
    Botties on show at once !!"
    Hugs, thanks & spanks.
    Brenda xx

  2. Sorry for the pics not really adapted to the story, but the drawing is fun...