Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sports come back part 1

I was 23 with a few extra pounds, a good job, "Janet my girl, next year you will be an official spinster..." It was a sobering thought.

I again explored the attic as if travelling back in time. Daddy and Mummy were away for a week, and while I watered the plants. I became curious of the attic. I opened another metal trunk. This one was lighter. It wasn't filled with grandma's Enid Blyton books.

I found several garment bags. I opened the first one, and was quite surprised to discover my old gym T.shirts. I removed my top and tried one, it was obviously too small. With another bag I found the ones I wore as an upper sixth and it was almost fitting.

I continued exploring and selected only the bags from my upper sixth year. There was more regulation sports bras, knickers, ankle socks and navy satin shorts. I also found two pairs of running shoes, and one of Daddy's old belts !

I took everything down to my old bedroom. I tried it all, and everything beside the T.shirts fitted. The shorts felt quite short. It was probably because of my extra pounds.
I ran Daddy's belt through my fingers. I remembered the beltings he gave me when he was disappointed by my grades.

 I was 20 for the last one. I had to stand in the hallway with my hands on my head and my throbbing bare bottom on display. I had no resentment, I graduated top of my class, and I have a great job.

A few days later at the village's mini market I picked up the City Hall's paper because my old school was on the front page. Back home after having stored my groceries I read,

"Westgate Girls Secondary School invites former pupils to take advantage of its new sports facility. If you have a few pounds to shed, if you want to prepare the next marathon, if you want to improve your tennis game bring your old sports uniform and join our shorter Saturday morning classes or the longer ones including the afternoon. Miss Millicent Fritton, whom some of you might remember, will make sure that you will be giving your best. Nota Bene : For extra exercise you are to be riding a bicycle when attending our gym."

Saturday early afternoon I rode my old bike with calf length pants and a windbreaker over a T.shirt. I also had a small back pack in the pannier with my old sports uniform. I was concerned about my short shorts.

The school's supervisor registered me and delivered a receipt for my contribution. "Stand in line by Miss Fritton's office..."

There was a few girls my age waiting by the door with the gold plate reading Coach. We were all wearing various civilian clothes. 

One girl who was wearing jeans came out wearing the old sports uniform with the short shorts, another one entered the office.

Ten minutes later she was red face as she closed the door of the office, and she was rubbing her shorts. We saw how they were doing a poor job of covering a very red bottom.

It wasn't all the girls who came out with a fiery bottom. It was actually only one out of two or three. The next one came out with a crimson derriere and belt marks on the front and back of her thighs. Her shorts were quite shorts, she obviously had a few more pounds to shed. I was more than concerned...

Next !

It was my turn. "Janet, welcome back and congratulation for your graduation... You seem to have put on some weight... Change into your old sports uniform..."

I blushed as I tried to adjust my shorts over my derriere...
"How many pounds ?"
"12, Miss...
"Are you going to be a chicken, or are you going to join my discipline program..."
"I guess I should be disciplined, Miss..."
"Don't guess ! Say so loud and clear, 'I deserve to be disciplined Miss' !" 
I blushed the more as I repeated, "I deserve to be disciplined Miss."
"Lower your shorts and knickers under your knees and keep you hands on your head..."
"12 pounds, 12 strokes..." 
I eyed her old belt as she said that.
 I got six and and they stung, and brought back memories.
"For every six its two on your thighs, one in the back and one in the front."

With those two lashes I almost forgot my fiery bottom. and my hands briefly left their position atop my head. "Keep your hands on your head !" I got an extra stroke across the front of my thighs, exactly under my puff. "Ouch!"

I got the second set of six across my derriere, they stung even more than the first set The two across my thighs were also fiercer. She was obviously driving the lesson home. She did a great job. I danced the dance of the well punished girl who had too much ice cream.

"Pull your knickers and shorts up. You will be wearing your shorts when riding back home. We have a camera to make sure that you do ! The villagers will understand that you are attending Miss Millicent's new adult sports classes, and see that you were punished..."

I was as red face as previously punished girls when I closed the door of the office. As I turned around to do so I showed everyone my belted thighs and my crimson bottom poorly covered by my shorts.
 I reported to the assistant coach, "Your name ?" 
"Janet, Miss."
"Four stripes on your thighs, 12 pounds to shed... "

She must have spotted the extra stroke peaking under the front of my shorts and pulled them up.

"One extra, correct ?"
"Yes Miss..."
"Treadmill number 7..."

As I walked by the older ladies who were no longer members of "Millicent's Club" I overheard, "That's a tanning !"


To be continued

You are invited to play with us !


  1. Breeze on the botty: she gotten sentenced & strapped, B.

    Magnificent Militant Millicent & her good, older ladies :-)
    Or Malfeasant Millicent as maybe the schoolgirls gotten to call her.

    So love the way Janet precariously slips down her cutey-soft, bubblegum shorts, B. Easy does it !
    Keeping her panties in situ, already. To no avail.

    And then, most sadly (Boo-Hoo!) the dazzling-white, lil' cotton, princess-knicks have to come down for the naughty botty reveal. Oh yes they do: such a cruel, cool breeze on her fairy-skinned, sensitive-smooth hiney. So scary, before le badine or martinet, as we know all remember too well, Brigitte !

    Alternatively, why, she could just grab a bunch of waistbands & pull down the shorts n panties together in one big, deft tug, mommy ?!!
    Voila! Deculottee! CUL NU... a la toute vitesse.
    No-nonsense spontaneity. Oh my! Those baring options are so confounding, already.

    Why, at least she gotten the serenity & good grace of pulling down her own cotton, white botty-covering accessories, for the necessary strap, eh B ? Pure luxury !

    And I would be so sure to recommend Janet a good pair of large, sensible, Church-compliant, arch-conservative, suburban, 1950s canvas, princess shorts to hide the scarlet, Brigitte :-)
    Par for the course. I gotten a bunch of those vintage, modesty clothes.
    Brenda xx

  2. So you've liked the new story ;)
    ""white botty-covering accessories"" Accessories ! Hahahaha!

  3. Why, thank you dearest B :-)
    I always feel suitably loved & chastised by your Blog. I am resolute.
    Brigitte, we girls gotten to understand that a good Ol' fashioned, panties-down whuppin' on our velvety-bare, chubby princess botties is always fierce but kind.
    And a necessary, simple fact of life.
    Brenda xx