Wednesday, February 5, 2020

In the corner !


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  1. Four Corners, Brigitte :-)
    Four lil' O&P princess-musketeers gotten their comeuppance !

    Why, just look at naughty lil' cutey-miss number 2. What a well-smacked bottom, already, B ?
    Mommy sure made her sit on a hornets nest. Perfect.

    And soooo love cutey-number one: that's Lil' Miss Pouty Botty aka naughty Moira - an infamous, recalcitrant EB girl, Brigitte.
    Duly raising her fleecy, tartan, protective garb above "the seat of learning". Oh my! She sure did scream, holler & squawk a bunch, B.

    Oh my! For she gotten herself a good skelpin' with the "rod" on the velvety-skinned, goose-bumped, fairest-white, orthodox place naturally ordained !!

    "Yes, Moira, my lassie. It sure does sting on your bare botty. That is the idea !! It's the only way naughty lil' madams like you deserve it when they gotten to tell big bad lies to kind Papi.

    And a way to go with this good Ol' trusty-lil' botty-smacker of a rattan cane I am afraid to say, young lady. Oh yes there is!
    Now bend over at once my girl."
    Swish-thwip, swish-thwip, swish-thwip. And repeat.
    We sure remember the routine, B!
    Brenda xx