Wednesday, February 12, 2020

In the corner take 2

You are invited to play with us !


  1. Lassie gotten a good skelpin' on yer bare seat...

    Oh my! Just look at cutey number one B: Lil' Miss Pouty Botty.
    She's an EB girl in the castle. Knickers appropriately positioned for a good lesson learned.

    She sure feels the biting Scottish Highland Breeze on her fairy-skinned, Bubble-BOT. Always a nasty shock cul nu.
    But not as big a shock as Papi's Lochgelly tawse. He's fetchin' it now. Like a thousand bee stings, already. Boo-Hoo :-(

    Soooo love the last photo. That is lil' Ol' me, back at home with mommy, after throwing a big, bad, goofing, girl tantrum at Church back in my 1960s childhood. Voila missy! Botties on show, guaranteed.

    I sure did wear my Southern belle fine hats to Church on occasions, Brigitte. And I sure always gotten my dazzling-white, soft, cotton 1950s, full-sized, princess panties pulled down for the cane at home.

    But I don't think I actually gotten a whuppin' with my hat in situ. I probably gotten too scared & stressed waiting for "the rod of correction", not to have taken it off my head & placed it neatly on the sofa. Oh my !
    Boo-Hoo. Harsh but fair, B :-(
    Brenda xx

  2. ""Miss Pouty Botty"" Very inventive :)