Saturday, January 25, 2020

Eilean Beithe part 4

The next few days were peachy .... till the chemistry class. I already knew that I wouldn't be the next Marie Curie. Miss O for oxygen, as we had nicknamed our chemistry teacher, was furious. She had patiently explained her lesson before giving us a quiz. "Jennifer, 7/20 ! A grade bellow 8 in my class ! I am going to give you my special whipping..."

After having told me to remove my knickers I sat on a front row school desk facing the classroom. That was surprisingly innocent till she grabbed my legs and pulled them up. That sure was no longer innocent and I blushed as red as a peony ! She whipped my derriere and thighs with a tawse. "Oh! Ah! Ouiiiiiiich!" It wasn't a Lochgelly tawse, it was actually like a split belt. I nonetheless had decorated thighs for two days. I was well punished, but I had to admit that I deserved it for such a lousy grade...

 That afternoon it was tennis at the country club. There was no hiding the fact that I was tawsed. I overheard a young couple, "That my dear is the picture of a good tawsing... Next time you're wasting my money I'll borrow a tawse from EB and redden your bum and thighs..."
"I am very sorry Hon..."
"...and you will wear one of those mini kilts !"
"Please don't, I won't do it again..."

Saturday morning I had to redo the chemistry prep and quiz. I sighed, I could have been riding the whole day. I would have to be content with the afternoon.
Sunday I was wearing a cute dress with tiny flowers. I wanted to look as a young lady, not a naughty schoolgirl with a few remaining marks on her thighs. I was early at the country club already dreaming of Alex, the riding coach. A senior obviously had the same idea as me, and she stuck out her tongue at me. "Grgrgrgr!"

Monday morning I was very careful for the English grammar dictation and the following math class. I didn't want a sore bottom for the afternoon riding lesson. I was lucky and a few hours later I pulled my jodhpurs up, and as tight as possible ! As I ran towards the stables I was pushed into a puddle of mud. 

That senior hissed, "He's mine !" I jumped back on my feet, and a second later she was sitting on horse dung, and I moved on. She again attacked me, and scratched my right cheek as a wild cat. I punched her lights out. Miss P.E. came running. "She started it !"

"Change back into your dress and return to the castle..."
She revived Miss Senior, and made sure that her nose wasn't broken.

Later, back at the chateau Miss P.E. passed sentence. It was the cane for both of us. I thought it was unfair and protested. I was told that it was unladylike behavior to have knocked her out. 

Caning wasn't an everyday occurrence, and it was to be the first one of the year. The Principal decided that it would be Sunday morning after breakfast in the gym. We had the whole week to dread it ! A day later the senior apologized, "...and you can have him." We became friend.

I told Sally of my detention nightmares...
 It's about the canning...
You are invited to play with us !

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  1. Oooooh ! Love gorgeous Jenny's pucker-lipped expression of "O".
    A sense of fierce defiance is a lil' princess's prerogative when she gotten her botty skinned with the Loghelly tawse...(or the Southern switch!!)

    Imagine a spot of bright rouge lipstick (strictly high maintenance & unapproved!!) on that proud pout, to match the rouge sore skin on her freshly skelped botty lassie !

    I do so love the fullness & wellness of EB's roundly swelling, pouty-chubby bottoms, Brigitte...after my own heart already (and big ass too, naturally !!)
    Brenda xx