Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sports come back part 3

Mr Calvert was finally retired and he could observe at leisure the girls struggling to climb his hilly street. They had to stand on the pedals of their bikes to reach the top. There was the young ladies with light flowery dresses billowing in the breeze. He also appreciated the girls of Westgate Secondary with their uniform kilts, and lately the same Westgate had opened its renovated sports facility to young ladies in need of exercise..

A week ago he spotted his first sporty young lady. She was wearing short gym shorts and her generous under curves and thighs were well reddened. The rumors of Miss Millicent encouraging them in the old fashion way were confirmed.

This Saturday late afternoon he was at his observation post, and there was two girls wearing short shorts. As they approached he saw their reddened front thighs. He recognized the one he saw a week ago. The new one stepped down from her bike. They both pushed them for the last two hundred yards of the steep street. Their shorts did a poor job of covering their crimson derrieres, and the back of their thighs had also tasted the belt.

He took his binoculars for a closer look. They must have reflected the sun. They spotted him and called out, "Pervert !" They hurried back on their bikes and disappeared. He was furious, such insolence ! I will have a word with their coach.

Harry the hulk couldn't help a wide grin when he saw that Chrissy had received a belting. She hissed, "Get the cream and give me a rub instead of smiling like a big chump !" I wasn't invited ! I dumped the last bucket of ice cream into the loo, and I had a long soak with Epsom salts. The salts weren't actually required, the belting weren't that bruising. Even Adriana's caned bum had recovered its peachy condition by the next session.

Next Saturday I finally got only one belt smack across my thighs, I had lost a further two pounds ! I still got a well reddened bottom for my remaining extra pounds. I had again registered for the whole day. Morning was about pool lengths. We were issued one piece swimsuits, they weren't too covering ! I discovered how stingy a spanking on a wet bottom could be. I had upset Miss Assistant Coach.

We changed back into our shorts and T.shirts for lunch at the school's cafeteria deserted by its usual pupils. None of us dared to take seconds !

After lunch we were told to gather into one of the empty classroom for a lesson about nutrition. An alarmed Chrissy whispered into my ear, "That pervert has just entered Miss Millicent's office !"

Fifteen minutes later Miss Millicent Fritton entered the classroom with a double strap and ordered, "Janet and Chrissy, I was told of your rude behavior. I am going to teach you to be more respectful of your elders. Come in front of the class and take your shorts and knickers down to your knees..."

With our hands on our knees we stood side by side exposing our bare butts to our classmates. Our previous bare bottom punishments were in the privacy of Miss Millicent's office. When her assistant disciplined us she never bared us. She only pulled our shorts or swimsuits into our crack. 

We blushed to our ears, we tried to close our legs, but we almost lost our balance. We guessed that we would get extra if we did. Miss Millicent performed, she alternated from one to the other. We got 6 licks across our nates and one atop our thighs. That strap stung at least a million times more than the belt ! 
"Your noses on the blackboard and take two steps back. I want you bottoms sticking out !" We gasped, and our apricots also gasped, we were showing it all. We felt our ears blushing. Our derrieres and thighs were fiercely throbbing.
Ten minutes later we were allowed to pull our knickers and shorts up. We could feel our blazing bottom jutting out of our shorts. We returned to our desks and sat very carefully. The cool wooden seat was first a blessing, then it became very hard, and we squirmed...

We of course had to wear our shorts as we returned home. I could have tried to take that hill without stepping down from my bike, but Chrissy couldn't. I didn't leave her behind. We spotted the sun's reflection into the binocular of our perv. We were thankful to Miss Millicent hadn't allowed him to witness our punishment...

Chrissy's hulk was waiting for her with cream. I became jealous ! I continued riding till the old bike shop. I few months ago I bought a pannier for my bike. I discovered the new owner, and remembered that he was dishy. I was quite shy to enter his workshop with my shorty gym shorts and my well smacked derriere and thighs, but I was too jealous of Chrissy and Harry. "You can't have an omelette without breaking the eggs..." 

Discreetly and with a few tissues to keep my fingers clean I pulled my bike's chain out off its gears. Then I pushed it till the shop. I took a deep breath and bravely entered the workshop. "Good afternoon Sir, please I need help, there's something wrong with my bike..." He looked me up and down and smiled. He was obviously seduced. He needed a few seconds to take his eyes off the vivid belt mark decorating the front of my thighs. I again mused, '...break a few more eggs !' 

I turned around and with legs straight I reached down for the pedal and tried to work it, "Its stuck !" This time he saw that I was well punished, and I deeply blushed. He pulled my bike up onto his work bench. 

It wasn't a question, "You are attending the Westgate adult sports program..." I blushed the more and nodded. " sister has joined, but she opted out of the discipline program..." 

I blurted out, "A chicken !" For a millisecond I had my hand in front of my mouth after having said that. "I am sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect !" He smiled, "Yes, she has explained how those who opted out are called chickens..."

He had repaired my bike and I asked, "How much do I owe you ?" His blue eyes sparkled, "Dinner with me tonight..."

"With pleasure..."


To be continued

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sports come back part 2

As told I rode my bike back home wearing my gym shorts. Quite a few villagers saw my belted thighs and glowing under-curves when I had to stand on the pedals to climb the hilly street before reaching home.

I sighed when I saw my new neighbors. He was a hulk... I dreamed till Chrissy chimed. "You've joined the Westgate Girls adult gym..." I nodded.

"It's said that you don't have to join the... the... the..."

She was blushing and couldn't take her eyes off the belt marks on the front of my thighs... 

I finished her sentence, "... to join the discipline program..."

She nodded and I added. "Yes, you don't have to... Miss Millicent will call you Chicken 6 as there's already 5 girls who have opted out of her discipline program... "Her girls" she calls by their first name..."

Harry the hulk laughed, "A few good belting would for sure help you shed a few pounds... You haven't touched the rower in months..."

For the whole week I was a good girl. I cut down on the ice cream and took the exercise mat out from under my bed, cleaned the dust bunnies it had gathered, and I exercised every other days.

Saturday morning I weight myself and I had lost two pounds. I still had 10 pounds to shed. I sighed, "Janet my girl you are going to be belted and it will be well deserved. You should have further cut down on the ice cream and exercised every days !"

I decided to attend Miss Millicent's full day program. Dressed with my favorite cropped trousers and a windbreaker over a T.shirt I pushed my bike out of the garage. I was quite surprised to find Chrissy waiting for me. She was dressed with knee length jeans shorts and a cardigan over a T.shirt. I noticed that she had the same Westgate Girls Secondary School backpack in her pannier. I teased her, "To be a Chicken or not to be a Chicken ?"

"I haven't decided !"

At Westgate those already registered went straight to the locker-room and change into their gym uniforms. The tall mirrors showed that marks from last week's belting had disappeared. Miss Assistant Coach weight us. "Janet, 10 extra pounds, you've lost 2 pounds, a pink punishment slip for you..." We soon understood that one got a red slip if having gained weight, or pink if having shed a few pounds, yellow if only a couple of pounds above the desired target, and green for success !

With a pink slip I lined up with the wouldbies by Miss Millicent's office. Those wouldbies had wide eyes for our short shorts although their had the same in their backpack.

A new girl had exchanged her jeans for her gym shorts, and they were quite short, she obviously had a few extra pounds. When she turned around to close the door of the office we saw that her bottom was peachy pale. She had chickened out of the discipline program. Most of the girls with punishment slips made chicken noises, and she blushed as she ran towards the gym.

"Next !"
Chrissy was next.

Telepathy had me "witness" her interview. "Dear Chrissy welcome back and congratulations for your wedding !"

"Thank you Miss."
"You have a few extra pounds to shed !"

"Yes Miss, 14..."

"Has your husband approved your joining the Westgate adult gym ?"

"Yes Miss..."

"And ?"

"He said that a few good belting would for sure help me shed a few pounds..."

"And what have you decided ?"

"I kinda agree..."

"You don't "kinda agree" ! You tell me that you want to join the discipline program and should be punished as required, say it loud and clear !"

With a blush she said it ! "I want to join the discipline program and should be punished as required..."

"Take off your jeans and knickers ! 14 strokes of the belt on your bare bottom, two lashes to your tights per set of 6, one in front and one in the back. You will wear your shorts while riding back home..."

When Chrissy stepped out of Miss Millicent's office she was red face as all the punished girls. She turned around to close the door, with her extra weight, her shorts barely covered her crimson derriere. She had received a good belting...
I was next.

"Two pound less in a week... Not bad, but I expected more of our ex star pupil... Lower your shorts and knickers !"

She didn't let me off the second set of lashes across my thighs. I was well punished, and as I was saying this morning, it was well deserved. I was shamed face when I stepped out of her office, and everyone saw my glowing bottom revealed by my skimpy shorts when I turned around to close the door.

Next was Adriana, the only girl to have been issued a red slip. A few "Ohs!" were heard when she stepped out of Miss Millicent's office. She was naked from her belly button to her ankle socks. When she turned around to close the door we saw that she had received the cane. 6 fiery stripes was decorating her bottom plus two across her thighs. She took a few steps to stand in front of the corridor's wall with her hands on her head. Everyone now knew the price of a red punishment slip...

"Next !"

I ran to the gym and reported to Miss Assistant Coach. "Only morning class Janet ?"

"I'll be attending the whole day Miss..."

She gave me ticket for lunch at the cafeteria...

I joined Chrissy, on the way to the treadmill. "Bravo ! You aren't a chicken !"

"Phew ! She sure knows how to give a girl a good hiding !"

With Adriana's caned bum in mind, we ran as Olympians on our treadmills !

Or else !

Janet and Chrissy
to be continued

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sports come back part 1

I was 23 with a few extra pounds, a good job, "Janet my girl, next year you will be an official spinster..." It was a sobering thought.

I again explored the attic as if travelling back in time. Daddy and Mummy were away for a week, and while I watered the plants. I became curious of the attic. I opened another metal trunk. This one was lighter. It wasn't filled with grandma's Enid Blyton books.

I found several garment bags. I opened the first one, and was quite surprised to discover my old gym T.shirts. I removed my top and tried one, it was obviously too small. With another bag I found the ones I wore as an upper sixth and it was almost fitting.

I continued exploring and selected only the bags from my upper sixth year. There was more regulation sports bras, knickers, ankle socks and navy satin shorts. I also found two pairs of running shoes, and one of Daddy's old belts !

I took everything down to my old bedroom. I tried it all, and everything beside the T.shirts fitted. The shorts felt quite short. It was probably because of my extra pounds.
I ran Daddy's belt through my fingers. I remembered the beltings he gave me when he was disappointed by my grades.

 I was 20 for the last one. I had to stand in the hallway with my hands on my head and my throbbing bare bottom on display. I had no resentment, I graduated top of my class, and I have a great job.

A few days later at the village's mini market I picked up the City Hall's paper because my old school was on the front page. Back home after having stored my groceries I read,

"Westgate Girls Secondary School invites former pupils to take advantage of its new sports facility. If you have a few pounds to shed, if you want to prepare the next marathon, if you want to improve your tennis game bring your old sports uniform and join our shorter Saturday morning classes or the longer ones including the afternoon. Miss Millicent Fritton, whom some of you might remember, will make sure that you will be giving your best. Nota Bene : For extra exercise you are to be riding a bicycle when attending our gym."

Saturday early afternoon I rode my old bike with calf length pants and a windbreaker over a T.shirt. I also had a small back pack in the pannier with my old sports uniform. I was concerned about my short shorts.

The school's supervisor registered me and delivered a receipt for my contribution. "Stand in line by Miss Fritton's office..."

There was a few girls my age waiting by the door with the gold plate reading Coach. We were all wearing various civilian clothes. 

One girl who was wearing jeans came out wearing the old sports uniform with the short shorts, another one entered the office.

Ten minutes later she was red face as she closed the door of the office, and she was rubbing her shorts. We saw how they were doing a poor job of covering a very red bottom.

It wasn't all the girls who came out with a fiery bottom. It was actually only one out of two or three. The next one came out with a crimson derriere and belt marks on the front and back of her thighs. Her shorts were quite shorts, she obviously had a few more pounds to shed. I was more than concerned...

Next !

It was my turn. "Janet, welcome back and congratulation for your graduation... You seem to have put on some weight... Change into your old sports uniform..."

I blushed as I tried to adjust my shorts over my derriere...
"How many pounds ?"
"12, Miss...
"Are you going to be a chicken, or are you going to join my discipline program..."
"I guess I should be disciplined, Miss..."
"Don't guess ! Say so loud and clear, 'I deserve to be disciplined Miss' !" 
I blushed the more as I repeated, "I deserve to be disciplined Miss."
"Lower your shorts and knickers under your knees and keep you hands on your head..."
"12 pounds, 12 strokes..." 
I eyed her old belt as she said that.
 I got six and and they stung, and brought back memories.
"For every six its two on your thighs, one in the back and one in the front."

With those two lashes I almost forgot my fiery bottom. and my hands briefly left their position atop my head. "Keep your hands on your head !" I got an extra stroke across the front of my thighs, exactly under my puff. "Ouch!"

I got the second set of six across my derriere, they stung even more than the first set The two across my thighs were also fiercer. She was obviously driving the lesson home. She did a great job. I danced the dance of the well punished girl who had too much ice cream.

"Pull your knickers and shorts up. You will be wearing your shorts when riding back home. We have a camera to make sure that you do ! The villagers will understand that you are attending Miss Millicent's new adult sports classes, and see that you were punished..."

I was as red face as previously punished girls when I closed the door of the office. As I turned around to do so I showed everyone my belted thighs and my crimson bottom poorly covered by my shorts.
 I reported to the assistant coach, "Your name ?" 
"Janet, Miss."
"Four stripes on your thighs, 12 pounds to shed... "

She must have spotted the extra stroke peaking under the front of my shorts and pulled them up.

"One extra, correct ?"
"Yes Miss..."
"Treadmill number 7..."

As I walked by the older ladies who were no longer members of "Millicent's Club" I overheard, "That's a tanning !"


To be continued

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Eilean Beithe part 5/5

We didn't have much appetite for the Sunday morning breakfast. Angela, who had attended a boarding school explained, "Its a junior cane, it will be very stingy... It is about avoiding too much bruising, and the more so when whipping your thighs... The marks won't last more than a week..." I wasn't too reassured !
At the appointed time we stood bare from our navel to our knee socks by the gym's exercise bars. Our roommates were told to attend the ceremony...

 "Jennifer you're first, grab your ankles..." I heard a swish and a split second later my bottom felt as if it was branded. I could feel individual strokes till the third one, with the last few my whole derriere was on fire. Then the back of my thighs was whipped twice. I was told to stand with my hands on my head, and the front of my thighs was whipped once, although with less severity. "OH ! AH ! OUIIIIIICH !

I stood facing the wall with my hands on my head and my blazing bottom and throbbing thighs on display while the senior was similarly corrected.
 Then we were given a miniature pin representing a red cane, "You will always wear it on the lapel of your blazer or cardigan. A few teachers might be inclined to be more severe because of them..." Finally we were told to get dress, "Hurry up we have a service to attend !"
The walk from the castle to the church meant going up the whole of main street with the few shops and the tavern. We overheard two retirees, "Those two were caned..."
"You can see the difference with the wider tawse marks of that one..."
I blushed brightly as I heard that, and felt as a well punished schoolgirl.

The bench of the church was hard, but it was cool for a few seconds. Then it warmed up and felt even harder. I squirmed, and discreetly rubbed my thighs. I also prayed I graduate...
Back at our chateau we had a surprise, "Jennifer and Johanna, fighting means the punishment skirt when on the island..." 
We had heard of the punishment skirt for the meanies who cheated, drank, smoked or worse ! We were the first two to be caned this term we would also be the first two to be wearing the p.skirt.

Miss P.E. officiated, she had us taking off our kilts and standing there in our white uniform knickers while she opened an old cupboard and extracted two punishments skirts, a blue tartan one for me as a junior, and a red tartan one for Johanna as a senior. We pulled them up and blushed as spring thistles when we realized that our knickers peaked under the hemline. Although we would be wearing them within the privacy of our chateau and its island, it was still very embarrassing. We nonetheless wore them as brave EB girls !

 Sally teased, "There's a flash in the woods behind the beach... It must some of those retirees from the tavern with binoculars... Hahahahaha ! They will see your knickers !"
I thought about denickering her on the causeway, but the thought of visiting the Headmaster while already wearing a punishment skirt helped me keep cool.

A few years later Sally and I opened our law firm in Mayfair. We had a huge poster of  "our castle" in the waiting room. We were to interview a would be junior associate. We found her standing in front of the pic as if hypnotized. We exchanged greetings, and she suddenly quipped, "That's the EB castle !"

We were intrigued and asked, "You were an EB girl ?" We didn't spell out the name to remain discreet...

She blushed as she nodded. We gave her high five with huge smiles, "We are sisters !"
"Sisters ? You attended the Eilean Beithe Academy ?"

"Yes, and welcome aboard partner !"

"But I don't have the capital to be an associate. I wanted to ask if I could..."

"Not to worry, we'll work something..."

Jennifer and Sally

You are invited to play with us !

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Eilean Beithe part 4

The next few days were peachy .... till the chemistry class. I already knew that I wouldn't be the next Marie Curie. Miss O for oxygen, as we had nicknamed our chemistry teacher, was furious. She had patiently explained her lesson before giving us a quiz. "Jennifer, 7/20 ! A grade bellow 8 in my class ! I am going to give you my special whipping..."

After having told me to remove my knickers I sat on a front row school desk facing the classroom. That was surprisingly innocent till she grabbed my legs and pulled them up. That sure was no longer innocent and I blushed as red as a peony ! She whipped my derriere and thighs with a tawse. "Oh! Ah! Ouiiiiiiich!" It wasn't a Lochgelly tawse, it was actually like a split belt. I nonetheless had decorated thighs for two days. I was well punished, but I had to admit that I deserved it for such a lousy grade...

 That afternoon it was tennis at the country club. There was no hiding the fact that I was tawsed. I overheard a young couple, "That my dear is the picture of a good tawsing... Next time you're wasting my money I'll borrow a tawse from EB and redden your bum and thighs..."
"I am very sorry Hon..."
"...and you will wear one of those mini kilts !"
"Please don't, I won't do it again..."

Saturday morning I had to redo the chemistry prep and quiz. I sighed, I could have been riding the whole day. I would have to be content with the afternoon.
Sunday I was wearing a cute dress with tiny flowers. I wanted to look as a young lady, not a naughty schoolgirl with a few remaining marks on her thighs. I was early at the country club already dreaming of Alex, the riding coach. A senior obviously had the same idea as me, and she stuck out her tongue at me. "Grgrgrgr!"

Monday morning I was very careful for the English grammar dictation and the following math class. I didn't want a sore bottom for the afternoon riding lesson. I was lucky and a few hours later I pulled my jodhpurs up, and as tight as possible ! As I ran towards the stables I was pushed into a puddle of mud. 

That senior hissed, "He's mine !" I jumped back on my feet, and a second later she was sitting on horse dung, and I moved on. She again attacked me, and scratched my right cheek as a wild cat. I punched her lights out. Miss P.E. came running. "She started it !"

"Change back into your dress and return to the castle..."
She revived Miss Senior, and made sure that her nose wasn't broken.

Later, back at the chateau Miss P.E. passed sentence. It was the cane for both of us. I thought it was unfair and protested. I was told that it was unladylike behavior to have knocked her out. 

Caning wasn't an everyday occurrence, and it was to be the first one of the year. The Principal decided that it would be Sunday morning after breakfast in the gym. We had the whole week to dread it ! A day later the senior apologized, "...and you can have him." We became friend.

I told Sally of my detention nightmares...
 It's about the canning...
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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Eilean Beithe part 3

Having returned to our castle we were gathered in our classrooms and given name tags to hand sew in our knickers, brassieres, blouses, kilts, blazers and cardigans. A few had to be taught how to sew. That took us till dinner. We had a great meal with fish Florentine and rice. We cleared our plates, and watched a program on the big screen telly. Then we debated, "Jennifer tell us what you thought..."
I stood, "Huh... It was..."

I was immediately interrupted, "Jennifer you were told twice before that "Huh..." is unladylike language. Its the spanking bench for you !" I was grabbed by one of my bunches and pulled over two chairs set up back to back, my kilt was pulled up and my knickers were taken down to my knees, I felt well exposed and blushed accordingly...

I was severely spanked. I had never imagined such a stingy spanking. As I was told to pull up my knickers I saw a small birch. I was again asked for my opinion, and stood with both hands under my kilt. Contrary to what I had imagined about the birch my skin wasn't damaged, but my derriere and thighs were intensely burning !

Later, in bed I heard Sally through the curtains, "While being spanked you've showed everything you have, we now know that you are a real red hair !" I laughed, "We'll know soon enough if you're a real blonde !"

Sunday we could dress as we wished as long as we wore skirts at least two inches above our knees. We were invited to attend mass at the village church, then we discovered the local country club where we had a buffet lunch...

Monday morning we were awaken by a bell and the none too melodious voice of Miss P.E. "Gym kit and in front of the castle in five minutes..." After a pause she added, "I will spank the last one..." We scrambled ! We didn't have time to think of what those small shorts covered or didn't cover.  

Sally was the last one. Miss P.E. grabbed her under her arm as if she was as light as a feather. She pealed her shorts and knickers down and soundly spanked her bottom and thighs. With her feet off the ground she pedaled. A few minutes later as we jogged alongside the loch, I teased her back, "We now know what you are a real blonde !"

 After showers and having donned our uniforms we were inspected. "Juniata ! Please adjust your tie..." She did, but it didn't hold. Miss Inspector investigated. "You haven't closed the top button of you blouse !" She grabbed her pigtail, pulled her down over a chair with her kilt up and her knickers down. Her spanking echoed throughout the castle. Someone whispered, "A real brunette !"

Our first lesson followed a superb breakfast buffet. It was English grammar with the teach who had spanked me yesterday evening for my unladylike "Huh..." He told us to seat and announced, "Take a dictation, less 4 points per major mistakes and less 2 for minor ones. A grade below 12/20 means a classic spanking, under 10 and you will taste Mr Wacker. He smacked my desk with a short leather paddle. It made a loud crack, and I almost jumped out of my knickers.

Sally corrected my work and I corrected hers. Susan collected our papers. Mister English Grammar checked them. Then he stepped down from his teacher's stage and grabbed one of my bunches. I was to be the first dictation victim ! He dragged me up on the stage. I grimaced and hobbled to follow my hair. He let go when I was draped over a stool. "9/20! I am going to teach you a lesson !" He pulled my kilt up and took my knickers off before severely roasting my derriere and thighs with Mr Wacker, "Oh! Ah! Ouch!"

"Take your kilt off and correct your errors on the blackboard...."

Next he grabbed Marianne by her ear... Half the class was spanked... Then he went over each of our mistakes. He was for most of us the first teacher to take the time to do so. It was also a first to be standing skirt less with bare fiery bottoms and thighs on display while writing grammatical rules on the blackboard. We knew we would remember them forever ! The bell chimed and we were allowed to dress. That spanking with Mr Wacker showed for the whole day !

 It was math after the break. I was very lucky not to be again spanked. Some weren't so lucky. Deborah aka Debby had a second helping of Mr Wacker. Her thighs were glowing when it was time for lunch. It was again a great buffet, and we were taught how to peel an apple with a fork and a knife.

Miss P.E. announced, "A lady should know how to ride, every Monday afternoon we will teach you how to ride at the country club..." She also added, "Every afternoon you will have a sporty activity except Wednesday when you will be writing an essay.

Tuesday is swimming, Thursday is karate, Friday will be a team game, Saturday and Sunday you choose the activity you want to repeat."
She sternly added, "Saturday is also about redoing the lessons you failed. You redo the prep and take a quiz till you reach the minimum grade of 12/20..."

Then it was our riding lesson at the country club. It was a short walk on the other side of the village. I always wanted to learn how to ride. We were issued jodhpurs, boots, hats and etc. For all our activities at the country club we had a private changing room with lockers and showers.

I was afraid of feeding the bit to my horse, but I did manage to saddle her. Our riding coach was dishy and called me "a natural". We returned around 5 pm, and were back in our classrooms for supervised homework till dinner...


Too be continued...
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