Saturday, December 28, 2019

Paris roommates part 6

I was back from a long day at the Ecole du Louvre. As part of my Egyptian archaeology classes I was learning about hieroglyphs. I also had homework of writing my name with hieroglyphs. Flora would be easy, but McLeod would be something else... 

 I was greeted by my roommates with, "There's mail from your parents !"

"Huh !?"

"Its actually a box, a longish triangular box, its on the coffee table..."

I was curious and rushed to the living room. I picked up the box, it wasn't that long and it was light. I was about to open it when I noticed that it was address to Mme Louise Lacoste ! "It isn't addressed to me !" I looked for the return address and as my roomies had said it was from my parents.

An hour later Madame was back, and my roommates again chimed, "There's a package for you from Flora's parents !" Madame took her sweet time opening it while I was burning with curiosity. "Oh!" and "Ah!" It was my schoolgirl tawse ! I felt my cheeks blushing while my friends giggled. 

It was actually a recycled Sam Brown belt split lengthwise. It wasn't as heavy as a Lochgelly tawse, but I knew very well that it gave a very stingy spanking. I had no doubt that it would be more severe than the martinet, and the marks would last longer.

I again blushed when Madame read the accompanying letter, "Thank you for your offer of supervising Flora's performances. Herewith enclosed you will find her tawse. We have found it very useful for encouraging our lassie... " I was told to hang it behind the kitchen door alongside the martinet...

Next morning Madame had prepared breakfast as she did every morning. We each had something we loved, but she made sure we had a balanced breakfast. We sensed that she was happy with our company. She often said that she felt ten years younger when her daughters were still at home, before their weddings. Each times one of us sneezed she had a doctor coming and she prepared herbal tea. It was home away from home with a surrogate mother, to the last detail of the martinet and tawse behind the kitchen door.

She always inspected us discreetly after breakfast. She had sharp eyes, knew all the tricks, but we did pull off a few good ones. We wore thicker t-shirts when we went bra less. We avoided the obviously too small t-shirt showing our belly button. It was a cat and mouse game we kept playing although we knew the stingy penalty when we were caught.

After lunch at the Louvre's employees cafeteria Adrien suggested an afternoon at the Cinémathèque for the Russian revolution tribute. The Cinémathèque restores and preserves old movies. It is also offering daily screenings of masterpieces for a token fee. 

The little wheels between my ears  translated, an afternoon in a dark cinema with Adrien, his hands wondering... I forgot about the Mesopotamian archaeology !

Battleship Potemkin hadn't drawn the crowds, the theater was half empty. The spectators were retirees and young couple as us. All the girls wore miniskirts and most of them were bra less under tight t.shirts. I was one of the few with a blouse. Going bra less under a tight T.shirt would have earned me a morning déculottée. A French word we had adopted, déculottée means Madame de-knickering you for a fiery bare bottom spanking.

We took discreet seats, and it was too dark for me to see Adrien's smile when he discovered my front closing bra. He caressed and kissed my nipples while his other hand explored my thighs. Down our row of seats I saw our neighbors, her T.shirt was rolled up and her bare breasts poetically answered the blazing guns of the Potemkin which briefly lighted the theater. 

From behind us I heard an old lady telling, "C'est le printemps, elles ont le feu au cul !" Which literally translates as, "Its spring, their asses are on fire."

It was a great afternoon and my cheeks were glowing when I returned to Madame's mansion, my roommates didn't need a drawing. I overheard, "10 Euros..." I questioned, "10 Euros for what ?" Leslie answered with a wicked grin while Margit giggled, "I have bet 10 Euros on your knickers being still wet !" I blushed so much I felt my ears tingling. They laughed, "Look at her blushing as red as a tomato, no need to raise her skirt, I won !"

A week later was the end of month report cards and assessments. Madame read out loud while we stood in front of her desk and nervously played with the hems of our minis. "Flora is doing very well, but we are surprised that she missed the Mesopotamia lesson..."

"Flora please explain why you missed that class..." I had no medical appointment, no emergency, no excuse, I was done. I couldn't tell that Adrien and I had touched second base or was it third... I had to plea guilty, and telling her 'I forgot' would for sure make it worse. I confessed, "I am sorry Ma'am, I skipped it..."

"You skipped it and I am going to skelp your derriere as they say in Scotland... It sounds as a rhyme .... bring me your tawse !"

A few seconds later I demurely gave her my tawse, "Skirt up, knickers down and bend over that lovely old school desk I bought at the antique road show..."

"Oh! Ah! Ouch!"

It was a year since that tawse had visited my nates. I almost forgot how stingy it is ! She didn't need any tawsing lessons. She roasted my bottom and thighs. I pedaled my legs as if preparing for the Tour de France and wasn't too concerned with the show I was offering.

I was eventually sent to the corner holding my skirt up to expose my throbbing derriere and thighs as a well punished schoolgirl.

Madame added as a matter of fact, “Your boyfriend will probably notice that you were punished, “Tell him why…”

Flora and co

Might be continued...
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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Paris roommates part 5

As most Fridays I had a free afternoon and Adrien took a few hours off. We followed the quays of the Seine. We explored the various bouquinistes with their metal trunks attached to the parapet. They mostly had second hand books and old comics as well as yellowish newspapers, but Adrien knew where to find their naughty stuff which was hidden from underage eyes. 

He pulled out a few 1930 novels, one of them was called Les Joues Cramoisies (The Crimson Cheeks). It was illustrated by Carlo, and one drawing showed a girl with her skirt up and knickers down for her father to punish her with a martinet. 

I couldn't help blushing, but Adrien wasn't the wiser, he didn't know of Madame's disciplinary regime.


At 6 pm on the dot we lined up in front of Madame's desk. Margit didn't have much of a choice. It was her parents request for Madame to assess her report cards, and although over 18 she respected their will. 

It was the first monthly assessment and we joined her. It was about solidarity and a challenge, could we take Madame's scholastic discipline ? She had warned that she would use the martinet for poor grades. We all fidgeted as she opened our sealed report cards.

Madame read aloud my assessment, "Very promising start for Flora !" Phew! I was expecting a good report, I was nonetheless relieved. She continued with Leslie, "This young lady should remember that she is studying French, not Italian..." 

We tried very hard not to giggle. Madame couldn't help a smile before warning her, "If you are back next month with such a comment its the martinet !" 

Next was Cécile's assessment, "A very promising student !" 

Last was Margit. Her French was better than Leslie's. She had already joined her university, but she had to attend advanced French lessons. Madame read, "Margit thinks that her French is good enough, but 9/20 for the irregular verbs test is cutting it short..." Sentence was instantaneously passed, "Fetch the martinet Margit, I want no less than 12/20..."

A few seconds later Margit sheepishly returned with the martinet and gave it to Madame, "Take off your knickers and elbows on my desk..." She slowly took her pink knickers down and off before dropping them on the desk. Madame pulled her skirt up and it stayed up by itself. She also had a Parisian ticket de métro, Cécile must have given her the address.... I will be getting one as well !

"Twelve strokes should teach you to apply yourself better to your studies..." She danced from foot to foot. She also had to stand in the corner with her decorated bottom on display.

Next morning, Saturday before breakfast, it was gym in the basement with rays of sun entering from the window wells. Madame had bought gym outfits for us. 

 It was of course from her Lacoste shop. We had white sports bras and black short shorts, ankle socks and pinkish leather shoes. We adjusted the shorts to cover our under-curves. 

Margit didn't bother, it was obvious that she was punished.
Madame joined us with a teasing smile and a canoe paddle ! She slapped the leather horse with it and we understood, with a huge relief, that it wasn't made of wood ! It was actually made of rubber. It would for sure be quite stingy, but it wouldn't bruise.

She did a great job of drilling us. After stretching and warming up exercises it was running on the spot. She rhythmically slapped the leather horse with that rubber paddle, "One, two, three, faster !" She encouraged us with a few smacks on the seat of our shorts. "Oh! Ouch!" I got two of those encouraging slaps, they were very stingy, I was well encouraged !

Next were push ups done the old fashion way. "The best exercise for perky breasts! I will be joining you." She was already on the floor when she added, "The first one stopping before me gets her derriere tanned !" She pumped as if she was a 20 year old ! 

After 25 push ups Leslie was pumped out. Madame ordered, "Shorts down and over the horse..." She got a well tanned bottom... 

We teased her, "Your Italian beau will need fireman gloves !"
"Nah! No girl can be too hot for an Italian !"
Flora and co
To be continued
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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Paris roommates part 4

It was the day for us to be kitted for tennis, and to have our first lesson. At the appointed time we gathered by the classic Citroen DS in the miniature courtyard of Madame's Parisian mansion. As ten years old we had drawn straws to determine who would be sitting in front and I won ! The leather seats felt cool on my legs generously offered by my miniskirt. It was 10 AM on Saturday morning a uniformed voiturier was waiting when the metallic silver Citroen pulled in front of the Lacoste shop near La Madeleine. 

We trotted behind Madame as we entered the shop, the director and two sales ladies just about bowed ! She was offered a regal chair and tea while we stood at attention.A curtain was pulled and she clapped her hands twice as she said, "En petite culottes !" We giggled the more as we noticed how the sales ladies looked surprised when we speedily obeyed. We were measured and we soon tried tennis bras.
Madame again clapped in her hands twice while ordering, "Remove your knickers !" We couldn't help blushing but we giggled again as we obeyed. Cécile showed her new "ticket de métro". The white tennis knickers weren't the frilly granny type, and they weren't too covering. The classic white Lacoste polo shirt with short sleeve felt and looked pricey. The skirts were also white and shortish without being too short, and fully pleated with elegant knife pleats. We also got cute mini socks and super leather shoes. We looked great ! We thanked Madame with a peck on each cheek, and she announced lunch at Roland Garros.
We didn't change back into our civilian clothes, and we turned a few heads as we exited the shop and crossed the wide sidewalk till the gleaming DS. At the tennis club restaurant we weren't the only one wearing tennis outfits. The men showed their hairy legs and arms and the women watched. The men watched the women and their silky legs. Everyone noticed Mme Lacoste and her new girls. We overheard, "Wasn't she retired from coaching ? "Madame ordered lunch. We didn't argue ! It was a very light fare with salad and goat cheese. It wouldn't slow our tennis performances.
A secretary respectfully gave Madame a few keys, and we were led to a private locker room with showers and loos. While we stored our civies in our lockers she changed in her own individual facility. Next was the club's storeroom where she selected rackets for each of us. Then we were out on a private double court with an opened wooden shed. She tested each of us to ascertain our levels. She was three times our age and we understood that we weren't in her league.
She first played Cécile and me, and sent us to the second court with exercises to practice. Next she played Margit and Leslie, and they were sent to the other court for exercises while Cécile and I were back with her to be tested. We were her two best pupils, and I was clearly better than Cécile. She had us running all over the court while she hardly moved. She soon noticed that I had understood my exercises. Three times she wrong footed Cécile and each time she patiently explained what she was doing wrong. Then she worked an exercise for me to practice my backhand while attempting to wrong foot Cécile.
Margit and Leslie were back with her while Cécile and I exercised more. She was very patient with them, she had them practice the basic again and again. I wrong footed Cécile who gave us a very French, "Merde !" Madame caught her and pulled her into the opened shed. She sat on the bench and flipped Cécile over her knees, her short skirt flew up and her knickers fluttered down her legs. The few patrons in the garden next to the courts might not have had the view we had, but they for sure overheard Cécile's spanking. Madame was furious, "A week ago I have spanked Leslie for bad language and you have just swore like a scullery maid !" She roasted her derriere till it was a glowing crimson. "No rubbing, pull up your knickers, back on the court to continue your exercises !"
Everyone in the garden saw that Cécile was spanked. Her shortish tennis skirt flew as she returned my serve and her rubicund derriere poorly covered by her knickers was well exposed. It was la fessée !
Flora and co
To be continued
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Paris roommates part 3

  Another week had passed and I met a young man at the school's library. The bibliotheca computer had given me the location of the famous Tutankhamen book. I was already blushing as I realized that I would have to climb a step ladder to reach it, and thanks to my miniskirt I'll probably show my knickers to all the pimple-faced students of the library.
"Pour l'art et la culture" for God and the Queen, I was ready to sacrifice my modesty, and was thankful that Madame Lacoste wasn't around ! I started to climb that step ladder, I hadn't reached the third step when a dashing librarian dashed. "No! No! Only librarians are allowed on those ladders !"
I stepped down with a large smile for the savior of my modesty, "Merci Monsieur !" I gave him the reference and he got me the book for my essay. He had noticed the Tutankhamen title of that book and invited me to visit the "mummy lab". On the way he apologized for his poor English accent, "Vous êtes anglaise ?" I protest with mock vehemence, "Ecossaise !"
Back home I told my roomies, "The odor of methanol was horrible, I almost fainted, and grabbed one of his muscular shoulders. He wrapped a strong arm around my back with a reassuring smile... oh... yummy.... his square jaw.... his blue eyes..." my friends giggled, and I teasingly added, "...his strong chest... his opened shirt with a few hairs..." Leslie teased back, "Did you wet your knickers ?"
Madame only heard those last two words, "Leslie ! What is that language ?" Our friend hurriedly apologized, but Madame had already caught her ear as if a ten years old. She found a chair, and pulled Leslie over her knees. She tried to escape as soon as her ear was released.
Madame who had two daughters had plenty of experience. She grabbed Leslie's arm and locked it behind her back while wrapping one of her legs over those of the American girl. Next she had her skirt up and knickers down, and spanked her. She alternated between her bottom and thighs. Leslie showed everything she has, and eventually stopped wriggling.
Next Madame had her holding one of her famous writings with her nose while exposing her bare crimson moon. This time the message read, "A proper young lady will always use the best language."
 Later when Leslie was let out of her corner and allowed to rub her still fiery bottom I was asked the name of my beau, "Its Adrien... such a manly name, and I don't know what possessed me, I gave him a peck on the cheek as we parted. Cécile laughed, "Its one on each cheek in France !" Margit commented, "Brazen Scottish girl !
Leslie still rubbing her now skirted bottom chimed, "We have this dishy Italian guy in my advanced French class and he gave four to a few of us !" Cécile giggled, "Have you heard of Italian kissing ?" I showed off and explained, "Its French kissing with the boy having one hand..." Although Madame was heard going back to her apartment I whispered, "... on your bottom !" Margit concluded, "I have a feeling that Leslie will soon have an Italian boyfriend...."
Flora and co
To be continued
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

In the woods

From another French artist...
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