Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Emma's pic story

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Soz for the delay, I have been poorly with a giant rash....

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Brenda part 1/2

My name is Brenda, I am Scottish and 21. I am attending a prestigious law school in London. Although my parents are paying the rent, 500 miles from home means freedom !
I didn't wait to be home, still in the lobby of my small walk up apartment building, I clumsily opened the envelope with the logo of my school. It was a copy of my bimonthly report card, the original was sent to Pops and Mum in Scotland. I wasn't too surprised when reading "D minus - Brenda should pull her socks up..." I was rereading it when the neighbors, a young couple breezed in. I overheard the handsome young gentleman admonishing his superb uppity spouse, "I am going to give you a spanking you will remember..."
I was now home and still surprised by what I had heard. My neighbor was going to be spanked ! Whoa! I was booting my laptop when I heard a flurry of loud smacks. With a naughty grin I sat by by my opened window with my computer. I imagined the scene. That snobby bizon who had looked down on me as if I was a school girl must be by now across the knees or her dishy husband with her skirt up and knickers down. The sounds of those smacks left little doubts that she was getting it on the bare....
My imagination added details. With his strong left hand he is holding her wrists behind her back. He has pushed one knee between her legs. She must be feeling so exposed. His disciplinary right hand is raised high before each smarting smacks. I regretted to have forgot to count the smacks. It must be 50 by now. Her derriere must be ablaze and fire engine red.
Suddenly the sound of meaty smacks was sharper and she was heard protesting, "Please Stevie, not the belt !" After a dozen lashes or more she again protested, "Please Stevie, not my thighs, it might show !" I silently giggled as I heard Stevie's answer, "I sure hope so !" I mused, She won't be so uppity when carefully pulling down her skirt to hide her belted thighs...
I felt hot although a lovely breeze was caressing my naked legs revealed by my skirt having slumped down while sitting by my opened window. Stevie was heard, "Take off you skirt and stand in the corner with your hands on your head..."
My favorite hand wandered... I stopped as I read an email from Pops. He must have received my bimonthly report card, "You deserve a skelping my girl, and a severe one ! We shouldn't have listened to you, we should have sent you to Edinburgh. It wouldn't be more than a short drive to give you the tawse. Mark my words, if you have to redo that year, it will be in Edinburgh !"
I slept poorly that night, I kept remembering my O and A levels with having to wear the short college tartan skirts my friends had already dumped, and school girl knickers barely covering my often fiery bottom, and the welts on my thighs... I was applying myself to my lessons, and I had great grades... I felt guilty to be disappointing Pops and Mum....
After such a poor night, the day at the law school seemed to be as slow as molasses in the north pole. When questioned my answers were confused. After classes I was lectured, "... and you need more sleep young lady !"
Back home I grinned as lady luck had me walking up the stairs behind Miss neighbor. I saw a few belt marks under her skirt. She was no longer so uppity, she must have felt my gaze and picked up her pace, and hurriedly entered her apartment.
I had a snack and reread her lesson. I couldn't help snoozing on my prep. I felt so guilty, so depressed, and I had to sleep. I slept 3 hours, finished the prep, and mused while having chamomile tea.
Pops right, I deserve a skelping. I can't travel 500 miles for it... I also questioned, will it be as effective as before...why would it no longer work... you won't know till you've tried...
What if !? Oh no ! I am not going to knock on their door... He did give her a good spanking...and a belting... He sounded as a gentleman... She didn't scream the place down... She wasn't injured... You have to face it... It is an option... It is so embarrassing ! Some medicine have a bitter taste...
I will never be able to explain how I came up with the idea of dropping the ripped opened envelope with my report card in the mailbox of my neighbors. I slept better after that...
Next evening my mailbox offered a neat envelope with no more than my first name. With batted breath I hurried up to my apartment. Sat by my opened window, extracted my report card and a letter.
"Dear Brenda, we have been appalled by your report card, and we feel that we might be able to help... If you allow us... Would you please come for tea on Friday afternoon with your report card. You will be wearing an above the knees fully pleated skirt. Steve and Lindy". There was no need for more details, it was quite clear. I already had butterflies in my tummy...
Friday tea time, the butterflies had returned as I stood frozen in front of my neighbors' door. I almost chickened. I again reasoned that I deserve to be punished for my slacking, and hopefully it will be a salutatory lesson... I pressed the doorbell of my neighbors.
Too be continued....
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dial a spanking part 2/2

We didn't over do the cooking, "Not going to sweat in the kitchen to be told that they have called Dial a spanking !"
After lunch were weren't too surprised when they mentioned how they aren't too happy with our report cards. Betty's mother added something which had us thinking, "When your father left us we would have starved if I didn't have my A-levels and a degree..."
Pops added, "Don't you want more than marrying and making babies ?"
We remained silent, their arguments had hit home...
"Your are both going to be punished ! We have called a specialist, he or she will be here Friday afternoon..."
"We are hoping that you will accept your punishment..."
"And amends your ways, or you will be further punished..."
"What if we don't accept ?"
Pops opened fire, "We will cancel your cellphones, the cable telly, your pocket money, restrict your Internet connection, and sale your bikes..."
Betty's mother added another salvo, "We will stay home for all coming holidays, no school outings, grounded on weekends, and during the week back home straight after school..."
"For how long ?"
"Till you have your O-Levels..."
Betty's mother frowned, "No! Till you have a degree !"
"This regime will be amended according to your grades..." Pops was so generous !
The coup de grace came from Betty's mum, "And we will have a yard sale with all your fancy clothes and toys.."
"May we please have a minute in private..."
"Your mother is a meanie with her yard sale !"
"Your father isn't too cool with selling our bikes..."
"We'll be under house arrest..."
"Surprised they didn't mention ankle bracelets !"
"We'll be socially dead..."
"We don't have much of a choice..."
Then it was that Friday afternoon after school. We had dressed with tick jeans and several pairs of knickers. Betty had left a post-it on her door, "I am at Annabella's house across the street..." We nearly jumped out of our jeans and numerous knickers when we heard the front door bell. He was as old as Gramp...
"Betty and Annabella ?" We nodded. "I suppose you know why I am here ?"
He frowned, "Its, 'Yes Sir !' "
"Huh! Yes Sir !"
"Aren't you inviting me in ?"
"Sorry... Sir, please come in..."
"I would like a tall glass of fizzy water, please."
The drink was hurriedly fetched and offered.
"I take it that you have no thicker jeans, and wearing a dozen pairs of knickers... Take it all off and come back with the miniskirts and knickers you were wearing earlier in school... Annabella you have one minute, and Betty you have two as you will get your mini from your home..."
He sat at our dining room table and told me to remain standing in front of it. Betty joined me a few seconds later. We were wearing our jeans miniskirts, and we both tried to pull them down, they were now feeling very short !
"Please let me have your report cards..."
We picked them up from the coffee table and sheepishly handed them.
"Annabella, an average of 9.10/20..."
"Betty, 9.70/20..."
"Your parents have honored me with letting me decide what punishment you deserve for such poor grades."
"From now on your minimum average requirement will be 12/20 since you are having a second go at your O-levels..."
"I will be visiting each months, and you will be punished till you reach that average grade..."
"Your are both 19, I am not going to waste my time giving you a hand spanking. You deserve a switching or the cane, but I will be lenient, it will be the belt. Come Monday when back to school your bottoms will have mostly recovered, but you will have a few faded stripes on your thighs..."
We gulped.
"With a switch and the more so with a cane the welts will for sure last longer..."
We double gulped.
"Remove your skirts and knickers, and keep your hands on your head."
We stood there frozen...
"Do it now or I am leaving, and your parents will have to deal with you..."
We remembered the threats from our respective parent... We blushed as red as roses, red roses ! We took our skirts down and off, "May we please keep our knickers Sir ?"
"No! Its bare bottom for naughty little girls !"
We blushed to our ears as we slowly took our knickers off, and shamefully kept our hands in front of our curls.
"Hands atop your head !"
Then he theatrically pulled his belt out and doubled it. "Its about time you girls taste a fatherly belting !" He walked around us as he lashed our derrieres and thighs with his belt. It was fiery, fiercely fiery ! We danced, and when we lowered our hands to protect our behinds we got more on our thighs.
"Oh! Ah!"
"And a few more on the front of your thighs for showing, up front, that your were belted as naughty girls !"
The loud smacks had stopped and we were still dancing. Our bottom and thighs were ablaze and decorated by multiple wide belt marks, some of them were purple and would for sure take longer to fade. We rubbed and rubbed some more, we no longer cared what we were showing.
"You may dress, and you are to wear miniskirts for as long as you have stripes !"
"Next month I will continue to be lenient, and will be satisfied with an average of 11/20. If you don't reach that grade it will be the tawse !"
We refused all invitations during the weekend, and we studied together. Our parents hadn't said anything, but they offered Epsom salts.
On Monday, the belt marks on the front of our thighs made it impossible to hide the fact that we were punished. We were teased to no end, "The princesses got a belting, and a good one ! About time !"
Two months later with average grades still short of the required lenient 11/20 we were caned. Gramp had us take our knickers off and grab our ankles with our legs opened. With the first lashing of the cane we forget the humbling position. It was one hundred times, a thousand times more severe than the belt or tawse. Our derrieres were ablaze and we got two across the back of our thighs, "Those will show for at least a week !"
When back at school we were again mercilessly teased. The boys were having an eyeful, and the girls were very mean. They chanted,
"Canned as naughty girls !"
"Was it on the bare ?"
Later, when our boyfriends weren't around, one girl pulled my skirt up by surprise and everyone saw my well punished bottom barely covered by my little knickers.
Annabella and Betty
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dorm inspection - a pic story

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dial a spanking part 1/2

I am 19, my name is Annabella, or Anna or Bella, and the heads of the boys spin on their axis when they see me ! I enjoy that to no end ! I have a boy friend, Eric, who's bursting at the seems for having bagged one of the best looking girls in the school. I have very few friends among the girls, beside Betty, who isn't an ugly Betty. Hahaha! We are neighbors, we have known each other forever. She knows how she looks great, and she also works the boys around her little finger.
Last year both of us flunked our O-levels. Pops refused to pay for my driver's license, and same for Betty with her mother. It was the first time for our parents to be so mean ! Parent wise we both have been unlucky. I lost my mother and Betty lost her father. Both our remaining parents are very successful, and they work just about night and day. They basically give us whatever we want...
Household workers call us princesses and regularly tease us with mentioning, "When I was a girl I got a few beltings and it did me no harm. Now with the EU's mamby pamby no spanking politic the kids are spoiled !"
The first report card of the new term had arrived, "Annabella needs to pull her socks up or she will again flunk her O-levels..." Pops had left it on the coffee table. That mean old biddy from school had spilled the beans. I overhead my father on the phone talking to grandma, "I can't ... she looks so much like her mother... It would be like strapping Louise !"
A few days later I found on the dinning room table a flyer which had me frozen in my tracks,
Dial a spanking
If you can't do it yourself let us do it for you
Act before the irremediable !
Retired educators with experience of old fashion discipline
from before the schools ban on corporal punishment.
Give us a call or visit our website...
(We do not deal with individuals under the age of 18 or over 25)
Dial a Spanking to teach a naughty girl a few rules...
I texted Betty, she had found the same flyer. We decided to shred them ! Little did we know that our dear parents were already busy on their computers. If we could have looked over their shoulders we would have read,
Please answer the following questions for a tailor made spanking...
First name : ?
Age : ? (Between 18 and 25)
First offence : ?
Repeat offence : ?
First punishment : ?
Repeat punishment (Please give the reference of previous punishment(s)) : ?
How severe do you feel the punishment should be : ?
(Please take notice that we do not do "black and blue")
We feel that all punishments should be administered on the bare bottom, any objection ?
Please select at least one of the implements from the following list,
Hand spanking
Short leather paddle
Wooden hairbrush
French martinet
A wooden ruler
Scottish tawse
US high school wooden paddle
Rattan junior cane
Rattan senior cane
Would you like us to decide what punishment will be best suited : ?
Do you require a subscription with monthly visits for 3, 6, 9 months or a year ?
Last but not least, you are to inform the offender of our visit, our punishment should be willingly accepted.
In the future we want to offer supervised homework, would you be interested ?
We also didn't hear how they discussed it all on the phone,
"Yes, I agree, repeat offence...
I really have no idea about the implements...
Same here...
Whats a French martinet ?
According to Wiki its a short multi-tail type of whip with a wooden handle and about 10 short leather lashes, traditionally used for correcting teens...
I'll let them decide whats best...
They should be treated the same...
Yes, agreed, let them decide whats best...
You're taking a subscription ?
Oh yes, don't want her to again flunk her O-levels !
Have you checked the supervised homework box ?
Yes ! I work 10 hours a day, I am dead when back home...
OK, we're done !
We now have to inform our princesses...
Lets have lunch this Sunday ?
Yes, and let them cook it !"
Betty texted, "They want us to cook lunch on Sunday !"
I immediately answered, "Sounds fishy !"
Annabella and Betty
Too be continued....
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The blue dress, a pic story...

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Saturday, October 5, 2019

A French Girl in the UK part 4/4

 On Monday April suggested that we skip school for the sales at Harrods. I wasn't too keen. "We'll get caught, and we'll be caned ! I have never been caned. She teased in French, "Il y a un début à tout !"
(There's a start to every thing !)
"Anyway we won't be caught ! I'll call as if Mum, and tell that we have a cold..."

As soon as we were a few streets away from home April called Saint Angela with her cellphone. She pinched her nose and imitated her mother speaking with a cold, "The girls have caught my cold and they won't be in school today..."

Sales at Harrods meant people queuing around the building ! "We'll never get in..."
April winked, "Have faith !"
She had us showing up at the employee's entrance and speaking French, "Nous sommes les mannequins pour la collection Mary Quant..."
The security didn't understand a word. I followed her lead with strong French accent and broken English, "Mannequins... you know, models... en retard... vite... we are late !"

It worked ! We were in, but ! "You're the French models ?" We nodded, we didn't want to be back on the sidewalk.
"Hurry up, you're on in five minutes !"
Four minutes and thirty seven seconds later we were wearing vintage miniskirts and walking down the catwalk under spotlights and hundreds of cameras ! It was amazing, and we got £1000 each !

Back home after dinner Uncle Peter turned the telly on for the news. "Today was the sales at Harrods..." Then there was another news report and it was us live on the air..."

April's parents teased, "Interesting school outing !" and questioned, "How come only the two of you are on the catwalk ?" I pulled my skirt as far down as it would go while April confessed for the two of us. "We skipped classes for going to Harrods' sales .... we knew how we wouldn't be missing any important lessons .... it was very silly and we are very sorry..." I nodded as a bobbling doll...

"Its the cane for both of you ! April clear the dinning room table, and Isabelle bring the two canes."

I removed the two school canes from behind the kitchen door. They looked far more menacing than my martinet or the strap. I felt their subtle mix of rigidity and flexibility, their whippyness. I mused, I didn't know if such a word actually exists.

I no longer mused about making up new English words with my elbows on the dinning room table and my very bare bottom up in the air. April was next to me, and we both had our gymslips rolled around our waist, and our knickers on the table. Uncle Peter took one of the canes and Aunty Janet took the other one.

I heard both canes hissing as they sliced the air, and a split second later I gasped. Aunty had started whipping my derriere. It was as if she had horizontally cut it in two. "Ouch!" She added five more searing strokes across my poor nates. I individually felt the first two sizzlers, but after the third one my whole bottom was ablaze, and my eyes watered. I now knew about the famous English school cane. Next we stood side by side in the corner with our throbbing derrieres on display.

Ten minutes later we shared the bathtub for a long soak with Epsom salts. We also rubbed our very sore bottoms with our usual creams. It wasn't much help. We slept on our tummies.

Next morning we didn't feel like riding our bikes. We left early and took the bus to school. It was fun riding that bright red double decker bus. I of course wanted to go up for a better view. There was a few empty seats, but we didn't sit !

At school Ms Supervisor was waiting for us by our class room. "You are both to report to the Principal during the next break..." After that invite it was hard to follow the lesson...

When the mid morning break came April gently knocked on the door with the gold lettering spelling Principal. "Come in !"
"Good morning Sir."
"April and Isabelle, the naughty girls entente cordiale ! Where were you yesterday afternoon ?"
"We were at Harrods..."
"Indeed ! You made the news !"
"Mr and Mrs Warwick must have been very proud of your modeling success !"
April answered, "Not really..." I blushed and nodded.
"And ?!"
"We were punished..."
"How ?!"
"We were caned, Sir..."
"Very well, turn around, raise your skirts and lower your knickers..."
We deeply blushed and obeyed.
"Excellent job !"
Head down and blushing, we listened.
"And for having misled the school with that silly telephone message. its knickers down and kneeling on the bench outside my office till the bell rings the end of the break. Keep those skirts up !”

Isabelle and April

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A classroom pic story

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