Saturday, August 31, 2019

Rosy Cheeks Camping part 2/3

We were sleeping like babies... Actually this baby was sleeping like a naughty girl dreaming of a boy exploring her mounts and valleys. From the other side of the tent came moans of pleasure. Obviously the second baby was also having naughty dreams.

"Taratata! Taratata! Taratata!"

A bugle sounded reveille. Our imaginary boyfriends disappeared !

From outside the tent came the booming voice of our Chieftain. It wasn't about 'Good morning girls and lovely day to you !' It was, "Rise and shine !" and, "Hurry up !" and a menacing, "Slackers will be punished !"

We hastily dressed, pulled our monogrammed T.shirts over our sports bras, vainly tried to adjust our gym knickers, rolled up our sleeping bags, and laced up our trainers. Finally we ran to join the line up. After us no one joined the line up, we realized that we were the last pair. The Chieftain was playing with a switch. I shivered although it was already quite warm.

"Clarissa and Anna are this morning's slackers. I am going to teach them a lesson !" I again tried to improve the covering of my gym bikini, it was futile...

"Step forward Clarissa, and turn around to face your comrades. Pull your knickers down to your knees, and keep your hands on your knees." I blushed to my ears, and very slowly lowered my knickers...

The first two strokes on top of my derriere obviously didn't cut the skin, but they felt as if they had ! She methodically worked down my bottom. I could distinctly feel each of the first four strokes, but after the sixth one my whole derriere felt on fire. She continued with my thighs. That was even worse !


She stopped. I eagerly wanted to rub. "That was for your latest slacking, and now you will get what you should have got for having failed your A-levels !" She again whipped my bottom and thighs. I wriggled my blazing derriere as a well punished schoolgirl, but I didn't let go of my knees.

I was finally allowed to stand up. I no longer cared about what I was showing. I had never been switched before. Actually I had never received more than hand spankings on Mum's knees. I very gently rubbed my intensely burning bum and thighs. I had to admit that I had slacked for a year, and deserved to be punished.

 When told, I gingerly pulled up my knickers and returned in the line up. Then Anna was called upfront and punished. She also got a double punishment for having failed her A-levels...

Next were the morning exercises. After duck walking, legs up pedaling, we had to do press-ups. We had to do at least a dozen, and were told that we would be doing two dozens by the end of the month. Those who failed to reach the prescribed twelve had their gym knickers pulled down and were encouraged with a stroke before each missing press-up.  With my still fiercely burning derriere and thighs I did my press-ups without being encouraged !

Showers followed. They didn't offer much privacy. It didn't matter for Anna and me, we have already showed it. We had the choice between cold and very cold water ! There was very little singing under the showers beside "Oh! Ah!" and "Ouch!" When cold water tickled switched bums !

Breakfast was next and we had to prepare it. A pair peeled the potatoes, another one fried them with bacon and eggs. One more pair prepared fruit salad. Finally there was the dish washing chore reserved for the morning slackers, Anna and me. Our work was inspected, but we had outdone ourselves.

Miss Chieftain announced, "We are going shopping at the farmers market, line up to be given a skirt...." We lined up looking forward to the outing. The skirts were brown and A-line, with a matching leather belt. They were shortish without being minis, about 5 centimeters above our knees. The skirts handed to Anna and me were shorter, 10 cm above our knees as classic minis. We pulled long faces and were told, "You don't have to wear them !" We didn't have to ask if we could remain at the campsite. "And you are not to remain behind !"

Clarissa and co
To be continued

Pics from RGE
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pammy, a pic story by Endart

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Rosy Cheeks Camping part 1/3

July 1st. The scenic hilly region of the lakes. A postcard like railway station seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but actually between a few small villages. The 4 PM two car diesel dmu delivered two dozen girls in their twenties. They are obviously unrelated, yet they are quite chatty. They had an hour since the regional station to realize their common destination, and get to know each other.

"You've volunteered !!"
"Have you missed the part about, "...corporal punishment !?"
"I haven't, and I also didn't miss the promises of character building and self discipline..."
Another girl gave her high five, "I have also volunteered... and I am not afraid of a spanking." If they had done a head count they would have realized that 43 % have volunteered.

I chimed, "I have flunked my A-levels and my parents won't pay for another year if I don't learn some self discipline..."
"Same here... Mum registered me. She said, "If your father won't give you the belting you richly deserve I know of a Girl Scout Discipline Camp !"

A few minutes later they were sitting on the poorly padded benches of a military truck driven by a well built lady wearing a scouts uniform. It soon left the road and after a bumpy track it stopped by a clearing with a small lake and a campsite.

Three additional athletic ladies with scouts uniforms were waiting for us. The older one spoke, "Welcome to Camp Rosy Cheeks girls ! I am the Chieftain, you will address me as Chief, my colleagues are to be addressed as Miss. Line up with dropping your backpacks over there..."

She walked down the line. Suddenly she was in front of me. "Name and age !"
"Clarissa, twenty, Ma'am."
She had just smacked my left cheek as if I was a ten year old ! I blushed.
"I remember having told all of you to address me as Chief !"
"Sorry Chief !"
"Why are you here ?"
"Mum registered me..."
She had again smacked my left cheek ! It was now smarting. I was about to add Chief, but she was faster !
She barked, "Mum registered me, Chief !"
I demurely repeated, "Mum registered me, Chief."
"Why did she do that ?"
"I failed my A-levels, Chief."

"Your bags will be searched for booze and fags. Follow me..."

We trouped behind her. She took us on a tour of the campsite with large walk in individual tents for the staff. A large canopy covered the kitchen and pantry with butane fridge and cooker. Another one protected the dinning area with a long wooden table and benches. Our Chieftain and her Misses had a table of their own, with chairs !

On our dinning table we eyed pairs of bikini like blue gym knickers, neatly folded yellow monogrammed T.shirts, white sports bras and watching ankle socks. Sports shoes were also available for those who needed them.

"Strip and change into your uniform !" We all blushed, and were more than hesitant. Surely she didn't mean right there in front of everyone. She clapped her hands, "Now !" She did ! We blushed the more as we stripped. To my greater embarrassment I had to again bare myself, the knickers I had chosen were too big. I was hoping for more coverage, "Sighhh..." We were told to take two additional kits.. 
Next we were showed a mountain of green canvas bags, rolled foam mattresses, and sleeping bags. "Chose a partner, take a green bag, mattresses and sleeping bags, and erect your tents..."

I turned to Anna, the girl who was registered by her mum because her dad wouldn't belt her. Our tent wasn't the last one to be erected. It was the one of Sarah and Belinda and they had quite a surprise. Two Misses had them bending under their arms and smacked their thighs till crimson. They danced from foot to foot, and one of them protested, "Not fair ! We had never erected a tent before."
"Life isn't fair !"
She had her knickers taken down and she got a super spanking which had her dancing !
"The two of you will be peeling potatoes..."
Dinner was mashed potatoes and sausages and it was plentiful. We sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows till told to go to bed as if schoolgirls. We didn't argue, the thighs of Sarah and Belinda were still very red !

Clarissa and co

To be continued
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 (Pics from RGE and Google)

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Easy how to IRC and Mibbit

Easy how to IRC and Mibbit
A naughty girl waits for the Principal

Oaks and Pines is using IRC for all classes and “study scenes”. IRC is a network of servers used for online chat. 
We are on the server Newnet, the room would be #Tanakastudy for a meeting with our Principal. 

If you are not familiar with IRC, the easiest way to access it is a web-based client like Mibbit, as it requires no download or setup and it is free.

On the mibbit page, click "Launch Mibbit Client". Open the dropdown menu under connect and search for "Newnet". 

If it's not there, click "server" and enter "", then enter your nickname and the Channel #Tanakastudy and click "connect". The chatroom will open into another tab.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Application Form, Oaks and Pines Online Role-Play Game

(Text doc for copy and paste into your email, and complete as required)

(It is easier for all of us, if the name you are giving to your role-play character is related to your email)

(It is best to have a Yahoo email, but it isn't mandatory)

Are you able to maintain 2 or more contributions to the play by email-posts AND at least
one attendance per week at a class? [Yes/no]

Classes are currently held on mIRC at 8:00 PM, BST (UK time) equivalent to 3:00 PM
(US East Coast time) on Friday and Sunday each week
Document about alternative to mIRC to be posted soon.

Please answer the following questions regarding your role-play character with as much detail as possible...

Make up a name for your former school, and give reasons why you left :

Experiences of punishment at your former school :

Reason why it has been decided to send you to Oaks and Pines :
Subjects you like and in which you do well and subjects you find more difficult and do not do well.
Send completed application to :
With submitting this application you are representing that you are
over the age of 21 years. Should the owner or moderators feel that
you have misrepresented your age you shall be unsubscribed.

You are also invited to visit our O&P Entry Hall at
where you will discover more about our game...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Summer hols part 3/3

  On the village green, we found a huge barnum with a dance floor facing a stage with a band. Another large tent offered a buffet with drinks and sandwiches. Scattered on the green were numerous tables and chairs...
We gave the drink vouchers we had won at the wheel of fortune,and we got tall glasses of fruit punch with rum and pieces of pineapple. The band played Rock Around The Clock to open the evening. We joined the older folks on the dance floor, and our boyfriends made us twirl till showing our knickers when they spotted Uncle Bob and Aunty Janet. They smiled and Aunty Janet showed her knees when Uncle Bob made her twirl, we applauded.
Around 11 PM the seniors called it a night and the band unleashed the latest tunes. We gyrated in a frenzy. We also had more of that great punch. We again played the wheel of fortune and we won far more glasses than we could drink. Our frenzy turned dizzy. The boys were gentlemen and got comfy chairs for us, and they had another round !
We were picked up by the municipal police sag-wagon. They kept us at the old gym as there was quite a few of us. Some folks were worried when their charges weren't back by midnight. The police station referred them to the gym. A few ears were pinched, some cheeks and thighs were smacked, and old biddies exchanged recipes, "A cold shower and the cane !"
Morning came and we didn't feel too great. We had the lightest of breakfast, two Alka-Seltzer and a glass of water. Uncle Bob and and Auntry Janet had a duet of, "Unladylike behavior... unseemly for young ladies... disgusting attitude... inappropriate actions !" We got an earful, both actually ! They turned to Tanya, "Its the cane for you !" and moved on to me, "We are calling your parents !"
"...picked up by the municipal constables as drunk as a lord !"
"...for our niece it will be the cane, six of the best..."
I held my breath as I heard Uncle Bob telling my folks how they intend to punish my friend...
"...yes, on the bare !"
"...please repeat as I am switching the loudspeaker on..."
"...she is to be punished exactly as her friend."
Pop also added, "...and we will be visiting this Saturday..."
His words had me shuddering as I realized that I will be caned. Having never received the cane I tried to imagine it, and almost wet my PJ...
I was pulled out of my reverie by Uncle Bob, "I want both of you in the living room in ten minutes wearing nothing more than T.shirts !" With this said we returned to our bedroom to prepare. Nine minutes later we marched towards the living room bare from our navels. I felt a hot flush as my cheeks blushed, and both my hands were in front of my curls.
Tanya also had quite a blush, but she wasn't covering herself as carefully as me, it wasn't her first caning. Earlier she had offered advice, "Remember not to tense your butt.... a relaxed butt will better absorb the sting... breath in before and exhale after... Keep your hands out of the way or your thighs will get it..."
We were now sheepishly facing Uncle Bob and Aunty Janet in the living room, and they each held a school cane. They told us to bend over the dining table, "....with your elbows on the table." Janet was to deal with me, and I felt her cane tapping between my thighs. I understood that I had to open my legs. I blushed as a peony as I obeyed...
The first stroke felt as if my bottom was cut in two ! Janet waited for a few seconds before applying the next one. I had plenty of time to feel the white hot stripe of fire bisecting my derriere. Two more followed and I couldn't differentiate them, my whole bottom was now fiercely burning. The fourth and fifth ones had me dancing from foot to foot. I no longer cared if I showed my cherry ! The sixth one whipped the crease between my bum and thighs. I jumped and rubbed, and my thighs were lashed. I immediately knew that my minis won't be hiding that one...
"No rubbing ! Hands on your heads, and in the corner the two of you !" We stood ten minutes in the corner with our blazing derrieres and throbbing thighs on show. It was an eternity. I tried clenching and unclenching my nates. I imagined that it would bring some relief, it didn't ! I held no grudge against Aunty Janet, I had to admit that I deserved to be punished for that night of silly binge drinking...
As soon as we were released from the corner we hurried to our bathroom and squeezed in the bathtub for a long soak with Epsom salts "Whoa! my bottom feels scorched ! And I got one across my thighs !"
"Same here....the sixth one across my under-curves had me rubbing..."
"Yes, that one also got me..."
After the soaking we rubbed each others derrieres with Pond cream, and dressed with baggy Bermuda shorts...
Aunty Janet frowned when she saw us, "You were seen drinking as brazen bizons by the whole village, you will now show that you were punished. Miniskirts for both of you !"
On the way to Jessie's we pushed our bikes more than we rode them. We saw that our boyfriends had "volunteered" for community works, and they weren't too happy. At the coffee shop we weren't the only girls wearing minis with decorated thighs, seemed that numerous parents had found it a good idea !
Saturday morning, around 11 AM our parents arrived. We were wearing our miniskirts, and were very well behaved young ladies as we welcomed them. Pop and Mom smiled as they saw my caned thighs while I helped Uncle Bob and Aunty Janet with the buffet. I overheard them chatting with Tanya's parents, "Very convincing, that caning as done her a world of good..."
"We also have a cane at home for Tanya..."
"We will ask Janet if she can spare one for Judith..."
After the barbecue we were reluctant to change into bikinis, but we weren't given a choice, Auntie Janet teased, "Its red bikinis for naughty girls ! You already have them in you drawers..."
I discovered " red bikini for a naughty girl" in the last drawer. A previous naughty girl must have dumped it there. I blushed as red as that bikini when I saw in the tall mirror on the landing that it showed all the welts decorating my derriere.
I reasoned, "Those bikinis are only a touch more revealing than beach volley bikinis..."
Tanya laughed, "Anyway you've already showed everything !"
We hastily dived into the pool as we rejoined everyone..
Judith and Tanya
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(Adults only)

Thursday, August 15, 2019

An Oaks and Pines day

Thank God for alarm clocks... I was up ten minutes before the wake up bell, and already dressed for the morning exercise routine. I was having a tall glass of orange juice mixed with sparkling water when I heard,


With great consideration the teach on morning duty repeated her kind invite...


We had a routine of exercises which included toe touching and jogged into the nearby woods...

Next was showers and to dress impeccably for the morning uniform inspection. Another teach dutifully pulled our skirts up to make sure we were wearing the regulation knickers.

Finally it was breakfast time. Miss Ahlers and her team had set up the usual superb buffet with fried eggs, crispy bacon and sausages as well as fruit salad and cereals. One didn't starve at O&P !

All too soon it was time to run back to our dorm rooms to prepare our satchels. Next we latched our bikes onto the trailer behind our school bus. Mr LeBoeuf, the O&P chauffeur blew the fog horn, and we were on the way to the Montreux International Campus.

A newbie wanted to know why we had classes at both O&P and the Montreux International Campus. I chimed, "According to Miss Temple who was a great old Principal, 'The answer is blowing in the empty space between our ears !' "

A few boys and boyfriends helped us unload our bicycles from the trailer, and we locked them into the campus bike-shed.

After a long morning of classes at the International Campus aka IC we had lunch at the Cafeteria on the campus. I had pizza and there was a great choice of toppings. We sat with friends and boyfriends for that great part of the day.

Shorter afternoon classes followed and we were eventually released. We retrieved our bicycles from the bike-shed and rode back to chateau O&P with our boyfriends from the neighboring Residence du Lac, aka RDL. An opportunity for a kiss… Another part of the program we didn't want to miss !

We had mid-afternoon tea and Mrs Ahles famous cookies, before our O&P additional classes.

"Later I saw Tanja sitting on the bench outside a teachers study, "Huh? What happened?"
My petite brunette friend pulled a face. "Teacher thought I wasn't paying attention."
"And were you?" I asked with a wink.
"It's impossible with the way he's droning on all the time."

I had been a good girl, and before my homework with our doggies in tow I visited our stables with our horses, donkeys and Ellie our baby elephant..../...

If you are interested in joining our role-play game, as a pupil or teacher we invite you to visit our Oaks and Pines Entry Hall at

Our O&P Entry Hall will give you an idea of our game and our ethos, as well as the rules and regulations we abide by.

Should you decide to join us, please prepare a profile or introduction of your role-play character and send it to
*In joining our O&P Entry Hall you are stating that you are over the age of 21 years. Should the owners or moderators believe you have misrepresented your age you shall be unsubscribed.*

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Oaks and Pines invites you !

If you are a creative and imaginative writer with a taste for spanking and schoolgirls stories we want you, and you will want to play Oaks and Pines.

At Oaks and Pines you create the schoolgirl character of your choosing. You give her a name, a picture, a family background, and explain why she is sent to a boarding school with traditional discipline. You become part of a world and a story that has grown rich in traditions and details over the years.

The girls and teachers come alive in the posts we write daily or every other day. We join other students in pranks and naughty capers, getting away with some, getting caught and punished for others. We attend "live" online classes and sometimes find ourselves spanked in front of the whole classroom.

Oaks and Pines is about living your dream with friends in a lively email-based role-play game. As you read and write, you will soon inhabit this amazing world in a way that will feel as real as any great book or movie that you ever wanted to be a part of.

You are invited to visit our O&P Entry Hall at  
where you will discover more about our game...
Adults only

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Summer hols part 2/3

That night, as I drifted into sleep, I mused, 'You realize that you also deserve to be spanked for wearing shorts on a motorbike...' The words of Uncle Bob for Tanya still echoed, "Silly girl ! Imagine what gravel could do to your legs..."
Next morning Tanya wore wide Bermuda shorts. I pulled a long face. I was reminded that I was as guilty as her, and had escaped punishment, my friend must be feeling that life isn't fair. We weren't our usual chatty selves. Something was amiss. I was actually almost silent, head down, staring at my empty plate, toying with my coffee. I had lost my appetite. The empty space between my ears, as our teachers refer to our brains, was full of shame and guilt. I slowly made up my mind, it was something I had to do. It was about being true to my friend, and to prove to myself that I can take the punishment I deserve...
I mumbled a barely audible, "Please excuse me..." and returned to my bedroom. I changed into the same shorts I wore yesterday. I took the leather sandal out of the drawer where I had found it, and returned to the dining room. I sheepishly stood before Uncle Bob, Aunty Janet and Tanya who had just finished their breakfast. I demurely said. "I was also wearing shorts on a motorbike, and deserve to be punished as severely as Tanya..." I had said that as fast as I could, but the tone was quite determined. I handed the leather sandal to Uncle Bob.
He took the sandal, but he was obviously hesitant. Aunty Janet wasn't ! "Good girl ! Very courageous, and quite proper !" She addressed her hubby, "Tan her as you've tanned Tanya !" As if he wanted her to confirm he asked, "On the bare ?" She had no doubt ! "Of course !" She also ordered, "Judith take off your shorts and knickers !"
I handed Aunty Janet my knickers and shorts and stood naked from my navel to my ankle socks. I felt my ears tingling as I blushed. Uncle Bob gently pulled me over his knees.
He slowly started to spank my derriere, Aunty Janet, protested, "She isn't made of sugar ! Spank her as hard as Tanya !"
I felt my bottom igniting as he delivered dozens and dozens of smacks, and continued with volleys and and volleys of smacks ! The sound of those smacks echoed around the room, it was now sounding as the spanking my friend had received last night. It was a never ending spanking. I wriggled my blazing derriere, but he was firmly holding me with having folded both my arms in my back. It was a big girl's punishment, that leather sandal truly tanned my derriere, it was fiercely burning. Aunty Janet added, "And don't forget her thighs !"
That was the worse part and I understood why Tanya had frantically pedaled her legs and exposed her girly secret. He repeatedly smacked my left thigh, again and again and again. I lost count. He continued with the other one, again and again and again. I lost count. I squirmed, but I was firmly held. Twice he repeated that punishment, smacking one thigh, then the other. I couldn't help it, I pedaled my fiery thighs as fast as Tanya had...
He helped me up. Aunty Janet ordered, "Don't rub and stand in that  corner with your hands on your head !" I didn't cover myself. I no longer cared about what I was showing. The blaze ravaging my derriere and thighs had consumed my prudishness and my guilt. I was severely punished and it was well deserved.
Five long minutes later, carrying my shorts and knickers, displaying my crimson bottom and thighs I slowly climbed the stairs back to our rooms. Tanya said, "I am very proud of you ! He sure didn't spare you, it was as severe as the one I got." She gave me a soothing rub with Pond cream, and offered a pair of wide Bermuda shorts similar to hers.
Later we joined our friends at the beach for a game of beach volley. The girls wore itsy bitsy bikinis and the boys couldn't keep their eyes on the ball. We decided to have mixed teams as they were losing all their games. The girls teased us for our shorts, "You both got spanked !"
We blushed and that was a telltale. They chanted, "Spanked as little girls ! Spanked on you bare bottoms !" They ran after us. We of course knew what they wanted. We would play the same game if one of them was spanked. They outnumbered us and eventually caught us. They pulled our shorts down. "Woah! Leather sole spanking ! Have a look boys ! Naughty girls well spanked !" After that we had nothing to hide and played beach volley as our friends with our mini bikinis.
Later Pat gave me a peck on each cheeks and the second one was very very close to my mouth. I didn't protest ! He also had both hands on my hips, almost on my bottom, I wriggled free. He smiled, "That was indeed quite a spanking !" I blushed and ran up our cliff behind Tanya.
A week later it was the opening day of the summer fair on the village green. We went from stalls to stands. We tried our luck at the wheel of fortune and didn't win more than a couple of drinks for the evening dance. The boys tested their shooting skills and they only won key chain teddies for us. We had pink candy floss and rode the ghost train. I shrieked in mock fright and Patrick gave me a real kiss which was reciprocated. Next the roller coaster and my shrieking was more convincing ! Pat offered a reassuring hand on my thigh, and after another vertiginous drop his hand was under my miniskirt. I gently peeled it off.
Everyone was going to the evening dance, and Uncle Bob protested when he saw our mini swing skirts. We had to change, but the alternatives were still very short. Auntie Janet came to the rescue and chided him, "You wouldn't have seen me if I hadn't worn a short skirt !"
Judith and Tanya
To be continued...
PS : You are invited to play with us !
Please visit the Oaks and Pines Entry Hall to learn more about our game

(Adults only)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Oaks and Pines online school role-play game

At Oaks and Pines, the girls are schooled in Switzerland, with a rigorous routine of classes, homework, and old fashioned discipline in a 'family' atmosphere.
Parents send their daughters to O&P to ensure the best results, and the girls are strictly kept to their lessons, the Principal and Tutors do see to that !
The school is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, in the shadow of the majestic Alps. An 18th century castle - set in a large arboreal park - serves to house the school. Schoolrooms, tutors' studies and apartments, library, dining-room and other facilities are located on the ground floor.
On the first floor, each girl is provided with a comfortable individual room. It is to be noted that the girls’ rooms have no doors, which is a considerable aid to keeping mischief in check.
Mischief happens, it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Fortunately the school's superbly trained and dedicated faculty is quite prepared to address any infractions that may occur. It sometimes happens that the only way to get a pupil's undivided attention is to put her over one's knees and warm her backside. In serious cases sterner discipline may be required, and use of the cane is not unheard of.
In our online role-play game you enter the world of your fantasy, playing the part of a high school aged girl. Design your character: give her a name and invent her family and schooling history. Tell us about her previous experience with corporal punishment (and what your expectations are in that area) and why she's being sent to Oaks and Pines.
If you are interested in joining our role-play game, as a pupil or teacher we invite you to visit our Oaks and Pines Entry Hall at :
Our O&P Entry Hall will give you an idea of our game and our ethos, as well as the rules and regulations we abide by.
Should you decide to join us, please prepare a profile or introduction of your role-play character and send it to :
*In joining our O&P Entry Hall you are stating that you are over the age of 21 years. Should the owners or moderators believe you have misrepresented your age you shall be unsubscribed.*

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Summer hols part 1/3

July 29th, our school's super had just pinned the results of our O-levels. We rushed, and I anxiously searched for my name, L.. Le... Lew... Lewis Judith. Next to me was my friend Tanya. I cheered, "Oh! Whoa! B+ !" I wanted to hug her, but she was still searching for her name. Then she shrieked, "Ekkkk! B+ as well !" We hugged and danced.

A minute later Tanya asked, "You're still coming for the summer hols in Devon ?"
"If your Uncle and Auntie will have me..."

Two days later, dressed with our shortest jeans miniskirts we took the train to Exeter. We enjoyed the boys having an eyeful of our slender thighs. They were still whitish, but we would work hard on our tan ! Uncle Bob and Auntie Janet picked us up from the station, and we drove towards their home and the sea.

Tanya was excited as a five years old, "Pops said he would pay for my driving license if I had my O-levels, and Judith's father is paying fer hers as well !"
"So we heard, and we have you both registered with the driving school..."
"Oh cool !"
"You are also to prep for your A-levels !"
"Oh crap !"
"Watch your language Tanya or I'll tan your hide !"
That "tan your hide" had me raising both eyebrows...

It was a super house outside the village. It had a small pool with a deck, and was up on a low rising cliff overlooking the sea and a secluded beach...
"Whoa! Its superb ! Thanks Sir and Ma'am for having me !"
"No need to be so formal Judith, Uncle Bob and Auntie Janet will do."

We had the first floor bedrooms over looking the sea. I was told that mine was the one of Tanya's mum when she visited as a girl. I opened the flowery curtains and window to take the spectacular view and breathe in the sea breeze. Then I emptied my backpack on the bed before opening the antique double door wardrobe. I discovered numerous dresses skirts and shoes. They were from the 90's and some were back in fashion. I added my things, and turned to the marble topped chest of drawers to store my socks, knickers and etc. In the first drawer I discovered swimsuits, and an intriguing old leather sandal which had lost its straps...

I rejoined every one on the deck by the pool for a barbecue lunch. We were told not to swim in the sea for two hours after lunch, "...but you may swim in the pool if not alone." Auntie Janet was quite stern when she said that. Uncle Bob was even sterner when he added, "And it isn't a naturist beach, its a £50 fine for a first offence, out of your pocket money !" We nodded and helped clear the table, and filled the dishwasher.

Since we couldn't swim for two hours we exchanged our minis for shorts, short shorts, of course ! We pulled a couple of bicycles out of the garage and rode into town. It wasn't more than a village. Tanya showed the way up main street with the shops, the driving school, the restaurants and Jessie's coffee shop from which we heard the latest hits. It was obviously where the locals hanged out.

Matronly Jessie welcomed us, "Tanya's back and she grew a few more inches..."
One of the boys chimed, "And she brings a friend ! What's your name beautiful ?"
He looked good, and he had a lovely smile, "The name is Judith and you are ?"
"Patrick or Pat at your service, Milady !"

He gallantly pulled a chair, and invited me to sit next to him at the largest table of the diner. He also announced, "Gang, meet Judith, she's going to be my summer crush !" I laughed, "Hold your horses, I do have a say in the matter !" 
Tanya's boyfriend from last year got a chair for her, and the boys ordered a round of tall lemonades with a touch of tonic...

Later Pat invited me for a ride on his motor bike, "We'll follow the small road above the cliff, lovely views, and so romantic..." I was hesitant, "Tim and Tanya will come as well !" I smiled, and agreed.

They gave us their spare helmets and we mounted their iron horses. "Hold on tight ! Tighter ! I want to feel you glued to my back !" He very briefly caressed my naked thighs as he pulled my hands around his waist. I anxiously requested, "Please be reasonable..."
"I promise !" He laughed before naughtily adding,  "You won't be wetting your shorts !" I blushed.
He was very reasonable. We stopped a few times to take the sea views. We also had a great view of the country side, and I spotted the house of Tanya's folks. He gave me a playful peck on the cheek. I didn't protest ! We rode on and frowned as Tanya didn't put back her helmet, she wanted to feel the wind in her hair. It was a great day !

Back home, in my bedroom, I was brushing my hair before dinner. I overheard a fast flurry of loud smacks coming from my friend's bedroom. I was of course quite curious. I tiptoed into the corridor and heard, "You don't ride a bike without a helmet..." More smacks followed and I realized that she was being spanked ! "...and we also told you to wear a proper top and jeans to protect your legs and arms !" 

The smacks were louder as I neared her room, her door was ajar, and I saw ! Her father was firmly holding her across his knees, her shorts and knickers were on the floor. He was severely spanking her with a leather sandal similar to the one I had discovered in my drawer. When he smacked her thighs she pedaled her legs and showed everything she has.

I returned to my bedroom wondering how come they knew of our motorbike episode. For dinner she wore a wide knee length flowery dress, and nothing was mentioned...

Judith and Tanya

Too be continued...
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