Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dial a spanking part 2/2

We didn't over do the cooking, "Not going to sweat in the kitchen to be told that they have called Dial a spanking !"
After lunch were weren't too surprised when they mentioned how they aren't too happy with our report cards. Betty's mother added something which had us thinking, "When your father left us we would have starved if I didn't have my A-levels and a degree..."
Pops added, "Don't you want more than marrying and making babies ?"
We remained silent, their arguments had hit home...
"Your are both going to be punished ! We have called a specialist, he or she will be here Friday afternoon..."
"We are hoping that you will accept your punishment..."
"And amends your ways, or you will be further punished..."
"What if we don't accept ?"
Pops opened fire, "We will cancel your cellphones, the cable telly, your pocket money, restrict your Internet connection, and sale your bikes..."
Betty's mother added another salvo, "We will stay home for all coming holidays, no school outings, grounded on weekends, and during the week back home straight after school..."
"For how long ?"
"Till you have your O-Levels..."
Betty's mother frowned, "No! Till you have a degree !"
"This regime will be amended according to your grades..." Pops was so generous !
The coup de grace came from Betty's mum, "And we will have a yard sale with all your fancy clothes and toys.."
"May we please have a minute in private..."
"Your mother is a meanie with her yard sale !"
"Your father isn't too cool with selling our bikes..."
"We'll be under house arrest..."
"Surprised they didn't mention ankle bracelets !"
"We'll be socially dead..."
"We don't have much of a choice..."
Then it was that Friday afternoon after school. We had dressed with tick jeans and several pairs of knickers. Betty had left a post-it on her door, "I am at Annabella's house across the street..." We nearly jumped out of our jeans and numerous knickers when we heard the front door bell. He was as old as Gramp...
"Betty and Annabella ?" We nodded. "I suppose you know why I am here ?"
He frowned, "Its, 'Yes Sir !' "
"Huh! Yes Sir !"
"Aren't you inviting me in ?"
"Sorry... Sir, please come in..."
"I would like a tall glass of fizzy water, please."
The drink was hurriedly fetched and offered.
"I take it that you have no thicker jeans, and wearing a dozen pairs of knickers... Take it all off and come back with the miniskirts and knickers you were wearing earlier in school... Annabella you have one minute, and Betty you have two as you will get your mini from your home..."
He sat at our dining room table and told me to remain standing in front of it. Betty joined me a few seconds later. We were wearing our jeans miniskirts, and we both tried to pull them down, they were now feeling very short !
"Please let me have your report cards..."
We picked them up from the coffee table and sheepishly handed them.
"Annabella, an average of 9.10/20..."
"Betty, 9.70/20..."
"Your parents have honored me with letting me decide what punishment you deserve for such poor grades."
"From now on your minimum average requirement will be 12/20 since you are having a second go at your O-levels..."
"I will be visiting each months, and you will be punished till you reach that average grade..."
"Your are both 19, I am not going to waste my time giving you a hand spanking. You deserve a switching or the cane, but I will be lenient, it will be the belt. Come Monday when back to school your bottoms will have mostly recovered, but you will have a few faded stripes on your thighs..."
We gulped.
"With a switch and the more so with a cane the welts will for sure last longer..."
We double gulped.
"Remove your skirts and knickers, and keep your hands on your head."
We stood there frozen...
"Do it now or I am leaving, and your parents will have to deal with you..."
We remembered the threats from our respective parent... We blushed as red as roses, red roses ! We took our skirts down and off, "May we please keep our knickers Sir ?"
"No! Its bare bottom for naughty little girls !"
We blushed to our ears as we slowly took our knickers off, and shamefully kept our hands in front of our curls.
"Hands atop your head !"
Then he theatrically pulled his belt out and doubled it. "Its about time you girls taste a fatherly belting !" He walked around us as he lashed our derrieres and thighs with his belt. It was fiery, fiercely fiery ! We danced, and when we lowered our hands to protect our behinds we got more on our thighs.
"Oh! Ah!"
"And a few more on the front of your thighs for showing, up front, that your were belted as naughty girls !"
The loud smacks had stopped and we were still dancing. Our bottom and thighs were ablaze and decorated by multiple wide belt marks, some of them were purple and would for sure take longer to fade. We rubbed and rubbed some more, we no longer cared what we were showing.
"You may dress, and you are to wear miniskirts for as long as you have stripes !"
"Next month I will continue to be lenient, and will be satisfied with an average of 11/20. If you don't reach that grade it will be the tawse !"
We refused all invitations during the weekend, and we studied together. Our parents hadn't said anything, but they offered Epsom salts.
On Monday, the belt marks on the front of our thighs made it impossible to hide the fact that we were punished. We were teased to no end, "The princesses got a belting, and a good one ! About time !"
Two months later with average grades still short of the required lenient 11/20 we were caned. Gramp had us take our knickers off and grab our ankles with our legs opened. With the first lashing of the cane we forget the humbling position. It was one hundred times, a thousand times more severe than the belt or tawse. Our derrieres were ablaze and we got two across the back of our thighs, "Those will show for at least a week !"
When back at school we were again mercilessly teased. The boys were having an eyeful, and the girls were very mean. They chanted,
"Canned as naughty girls !"
"Was it on the bare ?"
Later, when our boyfriends weren't around, one girl pulled my skirt up by surprise and everyone saw my well punished bottom barely covered by my little knickers.
Annabella and Betty
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