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District Remedial School 2/2

District Remedial School 2/2
(Also known as Crimson Manor part 2)

... we corrected each others work. Pippa gave me back my paper, 9/20 !

"Julia, your grade ?"

"9/20, sorry Sir..."

"Under 10, its the martinet ! Come here..." 

I was dreading the martinet. I was told how it would be very stingy and leaving plenty of marks. "You will be dancing !" Said one of the girls. Pippa added, "The welts will take three to four days to disappear..."

I slowly climbed the few steps of the teach's platform. I thought, I could run, but I would have to give up a great opportunity. The C&Co Human Resource Manager had started as an ordinary secretary and went to a District Remedial School.... I had to graduate !

"Bend over the back of that chair and grab the seat..." He flipped my skirt up and lowered my knickers to my knees. Then he severely whipped my bottom and thighs. The stingy leather tails wrapped around and also decorated the front of my thighs. I danced and felt my knickers sliding down my legs. He had me stepping out of them and continued the whipping till my bottom gyrated. To my greater shame I couldn't keep my legs together !

"In the corner with you Julia, and keep that skirt up !" My bottom and thighs were throbbing, but I knew better than rubbing without permission.

"Pippa you are next and it isn't the first time, take your skirt and knickers off and leave them on your desk..."

I rode back to work as fast as I could. There was no way I could hide the fact that I was punished as a lazy schoolgirl. At C&Co my discreet walking up the stairs failed. That lecher of Accounting Manager was also climbing the stairs, probably to keep fit. I was half a dozen steps in front of him. He for sure had a great view of my welted thighs. I also imagined how he might even see my knickers and blazing bottom under that shortish uniform skirt. I blushed and sped up. He laughed, "Hahahaha! Miss Meredith got a whopping ! Looks like the martinet !"

Mrs Forsythe didn't have to inspect me. It was obvious that I was well punished. I did have to explain why, "Only 9/20 for the math test and I got the martinet..." I hurriedly changed into my work clothes. and noticed how the marks on the front of my thighs still showed when I sat down. I sighed, "Oh Ma'am, I don't know if I'll graduate..." 

Just then Mr Coleman entered the office and I hastily wheeled my chair under my desk to hide my thighs. He was very confident, "No girl ever flunked a remedial school. It is only a matter of graduating with honors or not. You will graduate with honors. Mrs Forsythe please arrange private math tuition. Bernie, the accounting manager could help..."

'Oh no! Please Sir ! He's a perv ! He was behind me in the stairs and I ran, and he kept up and teased me. I prefer to have private lessons with Mr Matheson !"

Private tuition with Mr Matheson were at his home on Saturday morning. His daughters were surprised when they opened the door. 

"Your still in school !?"

"Silly! Look at the crest on her blazer..."

"She's from the Remedial School..."

"Poppa usually gives private lessons to younger girls..."

"He smacks their bare butts !"

"Spanked bare butt at your age !"

"He will tell you to take your knickers off..."

"He will pin your skirt up..."

"And smack your bare butt..."

They both chanted, "Bare butt ! Bare butt ! Bare butt !"

Mr and Mrs Matheson suddenly appeared. They grabbed their daughters and pulled their miniskirts up and knickers down, and spanked their bottoms till glowing ! "Now apologize to the young lady, and go to your rooms to do your homework !"

Mr Matheson lead me to his office. I discovered a large blackboard affixed to the wall and two old school desks, obviously meant for his daughters and private pupils. He had me remove my blazer and sit at one of them. He carefully explained the exercises I had stumbled on. Then he had me do similar exercises on the blackboard. I was successful with the first two, but I didn't get the third one. He sternly ordered, "Take your knickers off !" He pulled my skirt up and attached it with a clothespin, exactly as his daughters had said. He copiously smacked my bare bottom and thighs as he reexplained the exercise. I had to redo it, and again failed time. He pulled me over his knees and re-spanked my derriere and legs while repeating the formula. 

On the way out after my lesson I saw his daughters in the staircase. 

"You got spanked !"

"On your bare butt !"

"We heard it all !"

"Look! He also smacked her thighs !"


"Pests !"

The new wide leather saddle on my bike felt cool, and I pedaled as fast as I could, I had a date and I was late. He was one of the young legal adviser. He was a very fit tall handsome devil, dark hair, tiger-brown eyes, well groomed, but shaving only every other days. That gave him a super virile look. He also always wore posh suits. As I entered the restaurant I saw him sitting at a table over looking the street side terrace. He was very elegant with cords, a white shirt and a navy blazer.

"I am sorry, I am late .... and I haven't had time to change .... hoping you don't mind having lunch with a schoolgirl .... from a remedial school..."

He smiled, pulled my chair out as a gentleman. "I love schoolgirls from remedial schools ! Look over there..." He discreetly pointed to a girl on the terrace who was wearing the same uniform as me. "She is obviously waiting for someone, and she has been fidgeting on her wicker chair..."

"Tha's Agatha, she's in my class, she flunked math .... for the second time..."

With a wide smile he added, "She must have had her pretty bum well smacked !"

The food was ordered, and I visited the powder room. I knew he would see my still reddened thighs, and I had a cheeky grin. As for other customers I thought that one can't cook an omelette without breaking a few eggs. I undid my silly remedial school bunches and returned to our table. Adrian had a wide smile and didn't say more than, "I did love the bunches..."

After lunch and having loaded my bike onto the back seat of his convertible he drove me home. I invited him for another coffee. I stood on tip toes to find my best china, which I had conveniently relocated this morning. He of course had an eyeful. One thing led to another, and I didn't protest too much when he lifted my little skirt. "You have been a naughty girl !"

I simpered, "I was spanked on my bare bottom..."

"Want me to rub it for you ?"


"Do you have any Pond cream ?"

I did and he had me purring as a kitten...

All was peachy till Pippa and I had the silly idea of absconding during a visit to the British Museum with Mr Matheson. We had a shopping spree. We bought knee length pencil skirts. We didn't imagine that Mr Math would be doing a roll call. We had quite a surprise when we were back in his next class. He was swishing a whippy cane through the air. I already knew about that cane, Pippa had explained, "Its a junior cane for a very stingy punishment without too much bruising. Its light enough to be whipped across your thighs."

"Julia and Pippa you took me for a fool. I am going to teach you a lesson. Take your knickers off and leave them on your desks !"

I was first and told to bend over a tall wooden chair and to grab the seat. Mr Matheson pulled my skirt up and I tightly closed my legs. He swished his cane and it hissed, and a nano second later I felt a scorching stripe of fire across my bottom. Six times he whipped my derriere. I couldn't help a dance which must have showed everything I have. Then he twice lashed my thighs with that stingy cane, and both my hands flew to rub my blazing legs....

"Hands on your head and stand in the corner !"

"Pippa! Lets have you bare bottom up over that chair !"

As after the martinet I was again standing in the corner as a well punished schoolgirl exposing her fiercely burning bottom to her classmates. I felt sorry for myself, but I had to admit that it was well deserved. That shopping spree was a silly idea. Another one, as all the silly ideas which had me flanking my A-level two years ago. Somehow my scorched derriere was telling me that this time I wouldn't be allowed to fail. It was strangely reassuring. I also imagined Adrian massaging each of those fiery stripes...

I rode high above the saddle on the way to work ! I carefully avoided, the lobby, the elevators and Bernie Le Perv. I couldn't avoid Mrs Forsythe's "auntie inspection". She pulled my skirt up as far up as my knickers "The cane ! What did you do to deserve the cane ?" 

I told her, and I wasn't surprised by her conclusion, "Well deserved !" She had me blushing to my ears when she added, "I should have you standing in the corner of Mr Coleman's office with your skirt up and knickers down for his return from the board meeting !" 

I protested, "Please don't ! It was a silly mistake, I am very very sorry, I now have straight As in grammar and Bs in math..."

A few months later I graduated with honors. I was appointed as the first assistant of Mr Coleman, and I am searching for a number two. I am thinking of pinching Bernie's secretary...

Mrs Forsythe didn't fully retire, she works part time as the assistant of Mr Coleman's father who's semi-retired.

I am also to visit Scotland with my beau...

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